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How to Hang Decor on Brick Without Damage

Chalk this one up as one of those random tips that usually come as an afterthought of the big reveal.

Like that one time I shared our trick for painting French doors after taking on the big playroom makeover.

Or that one time some of y’all noticed the disappearance of our attic door string during the hallway reveal.

Or like when criss-crossing our washer and dryer connections made for a way more functional laundry room.

Sometimes it’s those little things that make a big difference. And this time, it came in the form of hanging decor on our brick on our back porch.

How to Hang Decor on Brick Without Damage

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By the way, pay no mind to the cobwebs that I didn’t notice until after I photographed this botanical art. #RealLife #ImADIYerNotAMaid

Some of y’all asked, so here’s the secret to hanging decor on brick without causing any damage AT ALL!

How to Hang Decor on Brick Without Damage

Brick clips.

They’re genius. And they’re right up there with the cool things we’ve used to jazz up outdoor spaces like siding hangers, solar powered string lights, and propane tank fire pit tables.

How to Hang Decor on Brick Without Damage

How’s that for the shortest blog post ever?

How to Hang Decor on Brick Without Damage

But I hope that helps any of y’all looking for ways to add life to a big blank outdoor wall. (Or if you’re fortunate enough to have an exposed brick wall inside your house… you lucky duck you.)

How to Hang Decor on Brick Without Damage

If you missed it a few weeks ago, you can see our entire back porch refresh here.

Have you discovered any random little gadgets that make decorating / outdoor living easier lately? Spill!

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  1. These are great if your mortar is not flush with the bricks. I had used these on my previous home so when I decided to hang something on the outside of my new home, imagine my surprise! No edge to catch on!

  2. I love that idea. i looked them up on Amazon.ca…they will cost me $45…for what you can get for under $10. Why we have to pay so much more here in Canada….!!!! I was excited at first…lol. Did you see my message about the pool? I had asked about the brand of paint you used to paint the coping. I would love to change mine from white to a different colour. I would love to hear from you. Enjoy that beautiful backyard space you have.