Kids’ Bathroom Renovation Progress

This post is written in partnership with American Standard. Full disclosure here.

This renovation train is chuggin’ right along, y’all! I never knew I could get so giddy about walls.

We are SO excited to be teaming up with American Standard on this bathroom that has had several issues for a while. You can see our full plan and vision board in this post.

If you saw our last update, you know we had 60 year old pipes that we discovered were overdue for a full replace, so this project is happening at the perfect time.

Kids' Bathroom Progress with American Standard Passage Collection

Now, this is our view.

We’ve been able to waterproof this entire bathroom to prevent any water issues down the road. And we’ve now spliced the plumbing from one sink to two, so that we can accommodate for our two little girls. (The eventual resale value perk helps too.)

By the way, pardon the contractor mess. 😉

Kids' Bathroom Progress with American Standard Passage Collection

We are usually all about DIY, but we called in a pro for this one to make sure all of the technical details are done correctly since replacing several feet of pipe and rewiring a room is beyond our comfort zone.

There is still a long way to go, but seeing that gorgeous handmade subway tile already on the wall makes my heart skip a beat! Love! It catches the light so beautifully and makes the entire bathroom sparkle.

Kids' Bathroom Progress with American Standard Passage Collection

The project that has me really doing a victory dance though is this shower / tub combo. It’s from the American Standard Passage Collection, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

Kids' Bathroom Progress with American Standard Passage Collection

I can’t believe it’s not real marble, but I’m really glad we won’t have to worry about the high maintenance aspect of the real stuff later. I’m pretty sure those shower walls are going to see glitter bath bombs and bathtub markers galore.

We’ll be able to let the girls make their usual messes and won’t even bat an eye.

Kids' Bathroom Progress with American Standard Passage Collection

This is the powder marble pattern, but there are four other natural texture patterns too.

The process of putting it in has been so much faster than the tile in here since they’re just four pre-measured panels installed with adhesive.

For the tub, we used this American Standard Ovation tub for the curved design so that bath time would be extra roomy without stealing too much space from this already narrow bathroom.

Kids' Bathroom Progress with American Standard Passage Collection

In a few days, we’ll be finishing it with grout and installing the faucet trim kit and shower shelf, followed by a whole long list for the rest of the space.

Here is what we still have left to do:

  • Floor tile
  • Grout
  • Vanity table
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Crown molding
  • Faucets
  • Sanding
  • Caulking
  • Painting
  • Light fixtures
  • Mirrors
  • Art
  • Decor

We still have a long way to go, but it’ll be totally worth the wait.

Kids' Bathroom Progress with American Standard Passage Collection

If y’all need us, we’ll be over here dancing (or posing awkwardly?) in the shower. What? You don’t make spirit fingers in your shower? Weird.

Kids' Bathroom Progress with American Standard Passage Collection

It’s a hot mess around here, and the entire house has basically imploded, but it’s absolutely exhilarating making these big changes finally happen.

I’ll share more progress on my Instagram Stories as well, so keep a lookout!

In the meantime, have you ever lived through a major renovation and learned some helpful tips for survival while your home is turned upside-down? I’m thinking that would be a great post for later on in case any of you need advice for survival.

Bath time has gotten really interesting for us with the kiddos lately. Our kitchen sink has been working overtime for the last couple of weeks. 😉

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  1. You two are talented and adorable. I’m so glad I found your site. I really enjoy receiving your emails becasue I know there will be something inspiring inside!

  2. I need to redo a bathroom and I’m considering tiles or a new tub surround. Is there a guarantee that the panels you used will be water tight for decades?

  3. Oh my goodness, Lauren, you and hubby are so handy! I had no idea these panels were made for bathtub and shower replacement! They’re so elegant-looking. This b.r. is going to be another fabulous room you’ve made over. Must call attention to your blog to my Lauren (daughter) and husband and their recent home purchase. BTW…your husband is a doppelganger for my other son-in-law! Did a double take of you and he standing majestically in your bathtub! Cracked me up!

  4. Have been living with various renovation projects for awhile, and really, if there is anyway you can move out and close down a section of the house, do it, especially if plasterwork is involved, and investing in a Zip Wall system is worth it. What you can’t move, cover with old sheets and tarps.

    I live up North, so it is outdoor work mostly in the summer, and indoor work in the winter, or at least in the spring and fall. Sometimes you get a discount for scheduling things in the off season. I have hired friend’s kids in the past to help with clean-up, because dust gets everywhere anyway. They are great help in the garden too.

    We ended up with a lot of water damage this year, between old pipes, a complete boiler failure and a tough winter and a roof that wasn’t flashed properly 8 years ago, so I’m actually moving into a little trailer this summer, at least to sleep in. We want to sell anyway, so I’m packing up as much as possible and storing a lot of it. Might not be feasible for most folks, but will make it easier for me.