Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover

Remember that question about suggestions for a buffet paint color I posted on Facebook, oh, about two months ago? You don’t? Yeah, that’s probably because I’ve taken forever to post this one.

Since we’ve been so caught up in full on room makeovers with our master bathroom and breakfast area, and now we’ve started gearing up for Olivia’s bedroom, it’s been a while since I focused on a room that you really haven’t even seen here in a while. Any guesses where this big guy ended up?

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

Our dining room finally has a buffet table! (Maybe it’s just me doing a happy dance about it over here, but I’m excited.)

I found this huge hand built media stand on Craigslist that I haggled down to $130, and when I say huge I’m not exaggerrating. ‘Tis a beast, this one.

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

Our dining room really was needing some color, and since I kicked out the red, it was looking very blah beige. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some neutrals. But there was no texture, pattern, nothing to make this room really come to life like I wanted. So I got a little brave with a paint color on this project.

And even after painting this huge buffet table over a month ago, it took a while to find the perfect hardware.

FYI toddlers and Hobby Lobby don’t mix. I could have spent a long time in this hardware aisle, but Olivia had other plans…like attempting to throw glass ornaments all over the store and testing mommy’s suddenly cat-like reflexes. (And she was very proud of her outfit that day.)

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

I chose the paint color Sharkfin by Valspar, added the winning set of black hardware to tie in the black on our rope chandelier. And I’m so thrilled with how it turned out!

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

It’s looking so much more lively now. There are other things I want to tackle in here, but considering this is the room we spend the least amount of time in, I’m okay with how it is for now.

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

By the way, do you see how deep this buffet is? I’m pretty sure the man who sold this to us gave us the wrong measurements. This room gets pretty cramped with more than four people. I’m pulling a Scarlet O’Hara on this one; I’ll think about that tomorrow.

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

The curtains will get swapped out eventually too for longer ones. Robert has mentioned framing out the window with some chunky moulding and adding board and batten in here. (Yes, please!)

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

I’ll come clean with y’all, I totally stole things from around the rest of our house like our foyer and hallway shelf to dress up the buffet. I’ve been very tempted to leave it like this and let everywhere else be bare.

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

The biggest perk for having this huge buffet though…it can fit LOTS of desserts on it if we ever want a sweets table for holidays and parties. Everyone wins.

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

I realized after taking these shots that you can see dust on our table. Just keepin’ it real here. I told y’all. We never use this room, and it’s usually just a “drop zone”. Right now, out of these shots in the corner of the room is a pile of baby clothes ready to be hauled off to a consignment sale. Are we the only ones who do this to their dining room?

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

I think this room needs a big, round rug too…okay, I really need to stop. I’m getting way ahead of myself. I’m just glad we actually have chairs in here, which you can see the full makeover of here.

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

Don’t you love these cabinet knobs? They were $2.50 at Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sale.

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

I had a clingy little puppy begging for my attention while shooting this room. Don’t let that pout deceive you. She’s a total diva.

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

We have a few projects in the works for Olivia’s room already that somehow are all only 50% finished. If you ever come over to our house, you’d probably wonder what sort of experiments we seem to have lying around everywhere.

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover | Bless'er House

At least we could serve you a piece of pie from our giant buffet table while you’re here. And we might actually dust off the dining room table for you…maybe.



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  1. I love the blue and the hardware pops. You did an awesome job on everything. YOUR HIRED!!!! LOL
    I wanted to mention. I love the chandelier. Did you wrap the rope onto it? I love rustic/vintage chic feel and look.

  2. It looks amazing Lauren. There are so many cool details, layers and vignettes that catch your eye. Each time I looked at the photos something else caught my eye. I would be tempted to leave the other areas bare and bask in the glow of a nearly finished room. Besides having to go shopping for a few new pices for your home is necessary for ones good health haha. I’m just a little green with envy that you got to go to Hobby Lobby. Though having a cutie pie that was throwing glass knobs would take the fun out of it, just a bit.

    1. Haha You’re totally right. I guess if I HAVE to go shopping, I will. 😉 Hobby Lobby is way too much fun. It’s probably a good thing to have a toddler distracting me from spending too much. Thanks for the love, Relle!

    1. Thanks! I so wish I could have stayed longer in “knob heaven”. This picture only shows about 30% of the selection on that aisle. A girl could really get in trouble there. Haha

    1. Thanks, Vicki! I’d never seen this color before. Just picked it from a bunch of paint sample strips and went with it. I’d love to see a piece that you paint with it!

    1. There have been many a “dry spells” on Craigslist, trust me. Haha It takes soooo much patience to wait for that perfect piece to come along. Thanks, Amy! You are a rockstar at furniture makeovers! Can’t wait to see how you used your knobs.

  3. Beautiful makeover!This room will have me spending lots of time in here, just as it is! It looks warm, cozy and inviting!

    About the dust on the table…no worries, it just makes you real!That’s what life is all about Charlie Brown!


  4. I absolutely love when you do a piece in this powder blue. It’s soft and pastelly(probably not a word), but it’s so easy to look at. Love,love,love this piece!!!

  5. It looks fantastic Lauren! I love the touch of blue you are pulling in. The accessories look great. I like the size of the buffet. You’ll need it for all of the great china and dishes you will collect over the years. I’m looking for a shallow yet long buffet to put in my entry because I seem to find and acquire sets of china I can’t part with.

    1. It’s funny that you say that because I JUST inherited a pretty set of china from my great-grandmother. I sort of wish ours was shallow, but I couldn’t argue with the price. 🙂 Hope you find the perfect buffet for your house too.

  6. I totally agree, Alison. We just don’t really have any ideas for it. We do still use it for holidays, and we entertain a lot, but it’s mainly in the summertime that we have parties/cookouts and things. January through March is quiet around here. We have a playroom, office, craft space, so we’ll just keep it a dining room for the rare occassion that we do need the space for people.

  7. I am always amazed by what you get accomplished! The entire room looks perfect….dust and all 🙂 And I am in LOVE with that long wire basket with the little glass jars in it. So cute!!! Hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend!

    1. Thanks, Jamie! I like that cute little wire basket too. Best little Kirkland’s clearance find ever. 🙂 Hope you had a fabulous weekend too. 🙂

  8. Great looking buffet, Lauren, and such a lovely, subtle shade of blue that definitely works beautifully in your dining room. Cheers, Ardith

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