Our 2020 House Resolutions List

Come at me, 2020! We have BIG plans and big dreams, and we’re only slightly intimidated. 😉

It’s about to get real, y’all. And honestly, kind of ugly too. But there is joy in the journey. (I swear I need to repeat that phrase to myself when I’m knee deep in yard work and demo in the next weeks/months.)

Here’s the nitty gritty massive plan we have for this year. Some of them are definitely happening, some are big maybes. But if we put it in writing, it’s more likely to get checked off of the ol’ to-do list, right? Right?!

Crossing my fingers and toes over here.

Here’s the big 2020 plan:

1. Workshop Shed

We have struggled so much with finding a way to cram our gym, outdoor equipment, seasonal storage, and workshop tools into our garage the last couple of years, so we’ve carved out big plans to build a shed in the backyard for our workshop.

It will be such a huge relief having the sawdust flying a little further away from our house. Maybe we’ll even find a used one to fix up like we’ve done with our pool shed.

This shed workshop from the DIY Huntress has us inspired!

2. Garage

Lord have mercy, y’all. It’s not cute. Not cute at all. But since this is sort of Robert’s “office”, he’s really taking the lead on this one. It’s needs help. Sooooo much help.

Can we have a moment for this beautifully organized garage please? Goals!

3. Master Bedroom Closets

Our his/her closets aren’t terrible, but they could definitely be improved. I despise wire shelving, so we are already planning out a solid closet system.

Isn’t this closet a dream?! I know ours won’t be quite this big but still. No wire shelves!!! We’ve been kicking the tires on IKEA’s Pax system, so we’ll see what works out.

4. Home Office

I’ll be honest, the “office” is actually a giant storage room right now with more junk in it than you can imagine. But we plan to remedy that by building a pair of closets, installing a pair of French doors (to make it a technical 5th bedroom), and have storage cabinets for all of our supplies we’re constantly using.

I keep coming back to these two gorgeous spaces as my inspiration.



5. Backyard & Fence

We’ve had “new fence” on our list ever since we moved in, and this year definitely needs to be the year it happens. We managed a lot of changes in the backyard by removing lots of shrubbery, so Phase 2 will hopefully happen soon.

Wouldn’t a fire pit and a playhouse for the girls be so perfect back here?

I keep coming back to these two inspirations:

This playhouse by The Handmade Home is the stinkin’ coolest!

And I’ve big puffy heart loved this fire pit from Jenna Sue Design ever since I first saw it.

6. Outdoor Fireplace

We temporarily turned this mini-fridge box cut-out on our back porch into a faux fireplace for now, but we would love to make it the real deal with an electric insert and beef up the surround with a hard material of some sort. Still working on that plan.

I keep envisioning something simple like this:


7. Pool Deck

We really really hoped to have this done last year, but considering what our pool looked like a year ago, we still accomplished so much out here in 2019.

We’re feeling ambitious about jazzing up the concrete around our pool in 2020 though. The question is should we paint it or go all in with concrete stamping?

This before and after of Classy Clutter’s pool using concrete paint amazes me!

8. Landscaping

We’ve been so focused on the inside of the house that the yard is looking totally depressed. So we plan on doing something about the weedy lawn situation, incorporate mulch in the flower beds, and maybe adding some retaining walls to make it more polished.

From the first time I saw our house, I always envisioned a walkway with traditional pavers and hedges. It definitely won’t look like this in only a year, but a girl can dream. Good thing we plan on being here for a very long time.


So here’s to hoping for lots of beautiful weather this year because it looks like we’re going to be working our tails off outside for DAAAAAYYYYYS!

What are your house goals this year?! Maybe we can throw in a few little projects and tutorials to help. Spill all about the comments!

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  1. I’m loving your house resolutions list Lauren! You and I have a lot of the same home goals for the year! Our backyard is a empty canvas right now and could use lots of love to make it charming and cozy! I look forward to seeing you what and Robert come up with!! 🙂

  2. I love everything!! The study pictures <3…the firepit…and oh, yes…we'd all love to have our garages and closets redone!! Can't wait to see what you do! It will be amazing!!