Our Back-To-School “Celebration”

Whew! Those words carry a LOT of weight this year, more than any year before: back-to-school.

Decisions about our kiddos’ school year in our area have been challenging, but no matter the final decision, one thing’s for sure:

Our rising 2nd grader has grown like a weed since school let out in March.

I think she’s grown a foot. Or at least it seems like it.

This side-by-side comparison of this year from last year almost makes me want to cry!

Little Girls' Back to School Clothes from Walmart

So Olivia and I sat down together and picked out some pretty back-to-school clothes from Walmart the other day.

Because I totally believe, no matter what our final decision is about school, it’s so important this year that our kids are excited and optimistic about the future. If we stay positive, they stay positive. So the back-to-school clothes shopping was our way of celebrating a new chapter.

The second they arrived in the mail, she had to have a fashion show. (The girl probably changes clothes 5 times a day, always with heels and sparkles involved, of course.)

It’s become our tradition to order her wardrobe from Walmart every year since their clothes are so affordable and play-friendly. Almost everything she picked is eligible for free, 2-day shipping. I kind of wish some of her back-to-school outfits came in my size because they’re so dang cute!

Little Girls' Back to School Clothes from Walmart

Jumpsuit | Rose Gold Sandals

Little Girls' Back to School Clothes from Walmart

Dye Wash Shorts | Tie Front Shirt

Little Girls' Back to School Clothes from Walmart

Pink Jeans | Cardigan | Barbie Tee | Leopard Sneakers

Little Girls' Back to School Clothes from Walmart

Rainbow Zebra Tee | Pink Cardigan | Skinny Jeans | Glitter Rain Boots

Little Girls' Back to School Clothes from Walmart

Smocked Striped Dress | Rose Gold Sandals

I’m so proud of this cutie patootie and how resilient she has been these last 4 months with all of the changes thrown at her. She’s becoming a little lady right before our eyes.

Here’s the rest of her wardrobe haul that she basically strutted around in for the rest of the day, changing clothes every 10 minutes. 😉 Yay! Entertainment! I’ll take it.

No matter what school looks like for all of our kiddos… virtual, homeschool, or in-person, how we set the tone with them matters so much for their mental and emotional well-being during this crazy time.

Changing out of our pajamas to put on “real” clothes does so much for our productivity and mood.

It starts with us and our choosing positivity… and maybe a couple new outfits as the cherry on top for a good year ahead.

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  1. What a little doll. She looks fabulous in every outfit. Her beautiful smile made my day. She just inspired me to rethink my fall wardrobe and to smile more.