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Sophisticated Valentine’s Day Decor

If there is such a thing as a Valentine’s Day Grinch, it’s probably me. Don’t come at me for my three-sizes-too-small heart over here, but Robert and I don’t usually do Valentine’s Day gifts to each other or go out for a Valentine’s-specific date (random just-because dates are a regular thing though).

I don’t hang up XOXO banners or buy puffy pink heart pillows. (There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s just not me.) We give little “I Love You” cards to our girls with some chocolate. And that’s pretty much it.

I don’t know why I am the way I am buuuuut I thought I would try a hint of Valentine’s this year.

So I did something a little different that would create something special around our family dinner table for the girls while using Valentine’s-like decor that could be used year-round too.

Capsule decor for the win!!!

(If you don’t know what the whole “Capsule Decor” concept is, it’s a minimalist approach to home decorating that emphasizes choosing items to use in a variety of ways and in most/all seasons. The result is spending less money on your decor, having more space for storage, and enjoying the flexibility of shopping your own house to rearrange items whenever you want.)

So I went on the search for sophisticated Valentine’s Day decor to appease that Capsule Decor mindset.

I ended up with these faux white tulips that look and even FEEL real. But they can last beyond Valentine’s on into spring.

These brass tapered candleholders are a continuous classic in my book.

This marble and gold tray works basically in every single room imaginable.

And even though this little wooden dish is heart-shaped, it’s not so “Valentine-y” that it has to be packed away 11 months out of the year.

I got this rose pink candle that smells absolutely amazing and transitions beautifully into spring.

And I found this “pinky promise” modern linear art in this ornate gold frame that I plan to leave out for as long as I want.

For this wooden bowl I already had, I just filled it with these rattan hearts that are neutral enough to stay there forever.

And last year, I crafted that hobnail vase and painted that weathered ceramic vase. For a little punch of red, I just dug these rust colored dried reed grasses out that I had used last fall.

Voila! Instant Valentine’s Day and not a Cupid in sight.

If you’re kind of like me in the “V-Day Grinch” department, I rounded up a bunch of my favorites that can work as Valentine’s Day decor and beyond into other seasons.


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  1. We don’t do valentines at home either except spending time together which we do all the time. I feel it’s too commercialized and valentines should be every day. Our girls get some chocolate and that’s it and we watch movies together and a nice home cooked meal as usual. I rather get a plant during the year unexpectedly and know they’re thinking about me than get flowers on Valentines. lol And the house stays the same! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I have never decorated for Valentine’s day. I used to put out some Spring touches in February and like you I have white faux tulips that I put centre stage until the real thing has arrived. So I put them out this year again but I had left up our Christmas tree for the first time and in January had it decorated for winter with pinecones, snowflakes and skates and lights obviously. I took down the winter, leaving the lights and pinecones and added cut out paper hearts that I painted pink and put text on to resemble candy hearts. Then I put on old Valentine’s Day cards that my husband and I had given each other using just the ones that featured hearts and flowers on them. I have to say I am more for the uncluttered look in my home but this tree is very pretty. But it goes away on February 15th.๐Ÿ˜

  3. I LOVE the capsule decor. I’m not into red and pinks of Valentines Day. We love the holiday (no pun intended), but after just getting Christmas put away, I love the serene of more neutral with my “every day” decor. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Lauren , I love the Capsule Decor mindset ! I didnโ€™t even know that such a name existed for what I also do. I am the Valentines Grinch from Downunder and there is absolutely no hint of it in our home . Well done for the little touches that you have done .

  5. I’m a Valentine’s grinch too! I prefer to decorate for season’s rather than holidays, other than Christmas. I incorporate Easter into Spring, Independence Day into Summer, Halloween and Thanksgiving into Fall, and decorate for Winter after Christmas. I love your simple yet elegant displays and the simplicity in your decor.