Spring Inspired Window Wall Decor

I blame my father-in-law for a little infatuation I’ve had from the time my husband and I started dating.
I remember first meeting Robert’s parents like it was yesterday, and after instantly greeting me with big hugs as if they’d known me for a lifetime, my in-laws whisked me inside the front door of their charming yellow 1904 house, where I was surrounded by my father-in-law’s gorgeous one-of-a-kind bird carvings.
I’d never seen such talent. And from that point, I was hooked on pouring over his whittle work.
Bless'er House | Spring Inspired Rustic Industrial Window Wall Decor
To this day, whenever we visit, we watch hundreds of birds that come to greet us on their back porch swing, and it is those same birds that inspire his carvings. (If you’re curious, you can see his work at The Whittler Shop.)
We have a tendency to bring little treasures home from their house too. An old ladder already made its way from their barn into our bathroom as a towel rack…
Bless'er House | Spring Inspired Rustic Industrial Window Wall Decor
…and the latest piece of the past to now hang on our walls is an old window from the house where my husband grew up.
Bless'er House | Spring Inspired Rustic Industrial Window Wall Decor
I’ve admitted before that along with my love of birds, old books and card catalogs have a special place in my heart. So when my mother found an old Audubon field guide in a thrift store, she snatched it up for me. (How did I ever deserve such amazing parents and in-laws? I don’t even know.)
Bless'er House | Spring Inspired Rustic Industrial Window Wall Decor
There are hundreds of gorgeous bird illustrations in this book, and after pondering over the best place to display them for nearly a year, our latest makeover in our bathroom seemed like the perfect spot.
Bless'er House | Spring Inspired Rustic Industrial Window Wall Decor

I’ve wanted to create a bit of an oasis in our bathroom, and since birds remind me so much of my and Robert’s wedding day, the space above our garden tub seemed fitting. (Do you see a peek of our awesome plank wall there? I’ll be giving y’all the reveal of that tomorrow.)

Bless'er House | Spring Inspired Rustic Industrial Window Wall Decor
Even though it’s the middle of January right now, we had absolutely beautiful weather this weekend. I can’t help it that I’m already gearing up for spring. Sorry, not sorry. πŸ˜‰ Β Are you with me on just skipping winter altogether too?
Bless'er House | Spring Inspired Rustic Industrial Window Wall Decor
Even better than the fact that it incorporates a piece of history from my husband, a nod at our wedding day, and a calming ambience in this space, it was free! Gotta love it.
Even if you don’t have access to a cool barn that produces free wall decor, you can usually find lots of old windows on Craigslist, at architectural salvage yards, and the Habitat for Humanity Restore for fairly cheap. And keep your eyes peeled for old field guides too. πŸ˜‰
Have you decorated with windows in your house? Have you incorporated lovey dovey wall decor in your master space? Are you hoping the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow too? I’m counting on that little rascal.

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  1. I love your idea of using an old window frame for decor!
    I wanted to suggest that if one can’t find an old book with Audubon bird prints, a calendar is a great substitute for framable, (cheap) art prints.
    Over my bed I have framed botanical prints that came from a 12 months calendar. The calendar was on sale for just a few dollars after the first of last year, and the frames were thrift finds.
    Birds, plants, old postcards- the choices in calendar art is limitless!
    Thank you for your great post on reusing an old window frame– I will definitely try this!

  2. Love it!! My husband and I recently inherited my grandfathers house (where my dad grew up.) We’ve had all the windows replaced and I kept every. single. one of them. ? Of course I don’t plan to use them all but there are some unique sizes I can’t wait to play with. Sharing the other with my crafty SILs and a couple friends. PS I love your blog.

    1. That’s awesome! And even better that they have some family sentiment behind them. They’re so fun to find new uses for. Thanks so much for the love!

  3. Hi there, just found your website and needless to say, I have been sucked in for the last 8395839 hours (at work nonetheless ha!). How did you hang the window on the wall? I just came across one of these myself and am trying to figure out the best way to hang it. Thank you!!

  4. I love this idea and while I can only see a sneak peek of your plank wall I know I’m going to love that too! Thanks so much for linking up to our Something to Talk About Link Party! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next week!

  5. You brought the cutest thing to our party! Thank you. Pinned and tweeted. We feel honored that you take the time to stop by our party. I hope to see you on tonight at 7 pm. We love to party with you! Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

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