2 Simple Steps to Upgrade a Basic Window

We have been ticking items off our to-do list for our master bathroom for the past couple of weeks and it is so exhilarating to start seeing the end of our hard work. I’m dying to get to that awesome, magical, wowzas-now-THAT’S-a-bathroom reveal day.
So far I’ve shared our builder grade mirror replacement, the story of our reclaimed ladder towel rack, my botanical window wall decor, and how we installed a plank wall behind our tub. But one of the most challenging places for me in this room was what to do with our very blank window.
I’m very happy to report that I figured it out! And Levolor swooped in at the perfect time for me.
Here’s how we were looking before:
Nothing really wrong with it. It was just kind of…meh. Lack luster.
I shared with y’all my shopping experience a little while ago to pick out our Custom Size Now Mahogany Light Filtering Bamboo Natural Roman Shade for this window that, I’m not even exaggerating, I’ve been wanting since we moved into this house.
All of their Custom Size Now blinds and shades are cut to width for free at Lowe’s and ready to go home same day. 5 minutes and we were outta there, kicking and screaming toddler in tow.
We knew last year that the cordless Levolor Premium Faux Wood Plantation Blinds were the way to go for the rest of our windows since we were worried about our little one getting tangled up. A year after installing them, we’re still very happy with them. If you have a little one of your own, I really recommend them. It’s one less thing to worry about for us.
Our bathroom window is up high and out of Olivia’s reach, so I got to have something different in here with the natural texture I love.
Installing them was really easy. My grunt-work-end-of-the-deal hubby just screwed in the mounting plates at the top of the frame (really, I could have done this step but he was being chivalrous, as usual)…
…and attached the shade. No kidding. That was it. Wam bam.
I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about shortening the shade once it was installed. I didn’t want to ruin my pretty new window decor. But once I did it, I realized I had nothing to worry about.
See what I mean? It had to be done.
So I marked on the shade about 3 inches below the window sill, took down the shade, and laid it on a flat surface with the backside facing up.
I cut, cords and all, where I had marked on the shade.

…used the bottom of the shade as a reference guide…

…and tied the cord to the last ring where I had cut.

To hide the ragged end of the shade, I just ran a strip of hot glue at the bottom to make a sort of “hem”.
For a tutorial to shorten Levolor blinds, you can check out this video.
Meanwhile, Robert took care of adding some farmhouse style moulding to the window.
He followed this tutorial from Funky Junk Interiors. (No sense in reinventing the wheel, right?)
After a few wood cuts, nailing up the pieces, caulking, and painting it, we had our fancy schmancy farmhouse window!
We hung up the newly shortened bamboo shade and stared in awe. Really, I can’t tear myself away from it. I never knew how much a window could completely transform a space. This room has much more character now.
Such a difference, right?! And it really wasn’t that difficult. If you can cut in a straight line with scissors and a saw, you can do this.
We have a couple other spots in the house we’re turning our attention to in the next week, but hang tight because I promise I’ll be sharing more of our bathroom progress soon.
This is a sponsored post in which I was provided product and/or compensated for sharing my experiences. I will always always provide my 100% honest opinion because friends don’t let friends make bad shopping decisions. Sponsored posts keep this little blog moving.

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  1. Like wow Lauren! What a massive difference. I have been wanting to try my hand at adding some moulding and we totally need a shade in our toilet room. I’ve popped your ideas on my project list. Thanks for the inspiration. Looks fabulous. 🙂 Julie