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Memory Foam Layered Kitchen Rug and Tile Grout Refresh

How to refresh tile grout cheaply and easily and add comfort to your kitchen floor with a layered memory foam kitchen rug.

We’ve been slowly chipping away at the kitchen refresh this summer ever since Robert convinced me that we could make it look reeeeally amazing for very little.

I have to admit, he was right. (Shh… don’t tell him that. 😉 )

Here’s where the kitchen started last year.

kitchen before

And then, after we covered up the backsplash and painted the cabinets for a quick cosmetic fix, here’s where we were with it a couple of weeks ago.

deep green painted kitchen cabinets

Next on the agenda was definitely the tile floor with its brown grout that looked like it had seen better days.

So just for a quick refresh without major expense or mess, it now looks like this!

(Some affiliate links are provided below.)

deep green kitchen cabinets and memory foam kitchen rug

Last fall, we spruced up the same brown grout / tan tile situation in Olivia’s bathroom. And it has lasted so well despite her splashing all over it with tub water on a daily basis, that I was finally convinced to use the same method on our kitchen floor.

tile grout refresh

You can see the full tutorial post here. But in a nutshell, this grout pen is awesomesauce. (I shared a quick video in my Instagram Stories highlights too.)

I used 6 15mm pens for our entire kitchen and breakfast nook, roughly 350 square feet.

Grout pen for quick and easy dirty grout refresh

After the grody grout got a super white clean-up, I tried out one more flooring trick… layering a flatweave rug over a memory foam pad. I’ve officially reached the crazy back pain part of this pregnancy, so I can definitely feel it when I’m standing on tile floor for longer than 5 minutes washing pots and pans.

I always feel those squishy memory foam kitchen rugs in Walmart and think, “My achy back would really appreciate this.” But they’re never the right color or pattern or size for me.

So I found this 4×6 memory foam rug pad instead, and it has made washing dishes in the sink waaaaaay more pleasant. I think I’m officially sold on putting these underneath every rug we own now. That could just be the back pain talkin’. 😉

layered memory foam kitchen rug trick to add comfort on hard tile floors

I put this wool flatweave rug over top of it since wool repels stains better than cotton or polyester does. So far, it has survived a very messy July 4th cookout with all kinds of food spills, so I’m pretty confident it’s going to hold up well for a long time.

It blends perfectly with our existing leathered granite countertop, which is what really spurred on this whole deep green / earth tone color swap. Work with what you have, right?

deep green kitchen with layered memory foam kitchen rug and pressed tin ceiling tile backsplash

Next time you see this room, it will be totally finished! (I hope.)  Well, for the refresh anyway. The full gut job we hope to do in here in a few years is a different story.

deep green kitchen cabinets with DIY pressed tin ceiling tile backsplash and layered memory foam kitchen rug

If you want to know about any of the sources we’ve used in here so far, you can find them here:

Got any other tips for sprucing up old floors on the cheap? I’d love to hear about them! Share them below in the comments.

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How to refresh tile grout cheaply and easily and add comfort to your kitchen floor with a layered memory foam kitchen rug. #kitchenfloor #kitchenrug #tile

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  1. Girl, you are waaaaaay tooooo much! Seriously love the idea of the grout pen. You have the best ideas EVER!
    Thank you for sharing, and have an awesome day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Deb ๐Ÿ™‚