Our Modern Classic Dining Room Makeover Plans

It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years since we painted this dining room. Right when we moved in to this house, I was doing a lot of soul-searching and going through a bit of an identity crisis.

dining room with kendall charcoal walls and slipcovered dining chairs

In the modern farmhouse era when the craze was at an all-time high, we had moved into a very traditional, colonial house, and I felt a little lost. It didn’t feel right to hang shiplap on these walls. (In fact, remember when I vowed to walk away from farmhouse for good? And started transitioning away from my old farmhouse style?)

So going dark and moody in our dining room felt like the right step. I still absolutely love it. Do you remember how it looked before?

dining room

I always envisioned picture frame molding on these walls (like we did in Regan’s nursery), but when we first moved in and started painting walls, pulling out the miter saw to craft dainty millwork was the last thing on our priority list.

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago, when we decided our $100 Facebook Marketplace table I painted was on its last legs (literally, those legs were about to snap), it all sort of snowballed into, “What if we did the picture frame molding we always wanted to do in here? And what if we got a nicer heirloom table that we could pass down to Regan since Olivia will inherit her great great grandmother’s?”

One thing led to another, and here we are. The Dining Room Phase 2 makeover plans.

I’m honestly so ecstatic because now that this house and I have gotten to know each other better, the new direction feels like it just fits.

When I stumbled across this image of the scenic mural inside picture frame molding, it all clicked.

scenic mural and picture frame molding in a traditional dining room

Source: House Beautiful

And to keep our “moody” vibe, this navy molding / mural combo hits the nail on the head!

navy picture frame molding with scenic wall mural

Source: The Makerista

For the furniture, I wanted to try an oval table like this one from Studio McGee since space can be a tight squeeze and cutting off table corners will help with traffic flow. It adds a modern touch to the more traditional walls.

Studio McGee Dining Room

Source: Studio McGee

After debating between all kinds of peel and stick scenic murals out there, here’s the new vision.

We’re still keeping the secondhand buffet because we worked our booties off way too hard on that one to let it go.

modern classic dining room mood board


I know it’s not for everybody. I know it’s so different from what we’ve done before. But the beauty of designing your own home is you do not have to apologize for being yourself.

This just feels like us and this house’s personality. This little colonial house is a lady, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

We’ll be racing the clock to put up molding and start painting before the furniture arrives, but I have faith that we can do it. I’m manifesting it. Want to see the progress as we work away or do you want to be surprised?


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  1. I am speechless. How can I find the words to truly express how outstanding everything are. As soon as I find where I want to put a mural or two, I will be placing my order. Thanks for sharing such fabulous ideas.

  2. Wow! Love everything you’re doing in the dining room take 2💜. That mounding and mural will be so pretty!
    Can’t wait to see the finished room 🌺

  3. I love your plan and boldness! I recommend BM Newberyport Blue. My entire downstairs is in this color. There were a lot of naysayers but it is killer! Everyone who sees it loves it. It can be sophisticated, it can be coastal.

    1. Yes!!! I LOVE navy! It’s so bold but can act as a neutral at the same time. Just absolute classic.

  4. I always live watching the way you work through these changes. I live in a very plain spec house in Colorado, but have found nice ways to make our house our own. I can’t wait to see your progress.

    By the way, the chandelier link didn’t work 😔

    Blessings from Fort Collins!

  5. It looks lovely. I would get cushioned side chairs though (or add cushions). Formal dining tables usually mean sitting longer. And guests should be comfortable. (And if they are older, like me, their bottoms need cushioning.)