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30 Vintage Scandinavian Wallpaper Patterns for Maximalist Decor

Maximalist decor is trending big in bedrooms lately! Learn all about Swedish cottage style and where to find gorgeous vintage Scandinavian wallpaper patterns to create the look.

It’s safe to say Olivia’s Swedish cottage bedroom makeover is officially underway now that she has the absolute SWEETEST vintage Scandinavian wallpaper up! You think I can just move in here with her?

She still asks for mommy snuggles at bedtime even at the age of 10 (which I hope never stops) so I think it could totally work. 😉

maximalist decor with beadboard painted Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue and vintage Scandinavian wallpaper pattern Sandberg Wallpaper Ragnvi Indigo Blue

Top Favorite Vintage Scandinavian Wallpaper Patterns

Olivia’s number one request when planning this bedroom makeover was to use navy blue paint (total shocker to me). Then, I thought a vintage Swedish wallpaper would be a beautiful way to add some softness to such a bold, dark color while honoring our family’s heritage there.

She and I flipped through hundreds of vintage wallpaper patterns until we finally landed on this gorgeous original 1920s archive Swedish wallpaper design Ragnvi by Sandberg from Scandinavian Wallpaper.

Scandinavian vintage wallpaper patterns for maximalist decor lovers

But in my search, I fell in love with so many other gorgeous vintage and vintage-inspired Scandinavian wallpaper patterns that I thought it could help to share 30 of my absolute favorites, if you love that maximalist decor look that’s trending lately.

Trending or not, some of these wallpapers have existed for over 100 years for a reason!

Click any image in the gallery below to shop. I do not earn any affiliate commission from sharing these, but I love supporting small businesses whenever I can.

Scandinavia refers to the subregion of Europe with strong cultural ties between Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The Scandinavian region has a long history of wallpaper manufacturing, so its brands are widely sought after by interior designers.

The Three Most Popular Wallpaper Brands from Sweden

Blending Modern and Traditional Design

These three popular Swedish wallpaper brands blend modern and traditional designs together beautifully, so no matter which way you identify your decorating style, their patterns can adapt to it.

It’s all about how you combine the patterns with choosing either a modern or traditional style direction for light fixtures, furnishings, rugs, and other accents that can change the overall aesthetic of the room.

There are so many possibilities!

Wallpaper Decorating Tip: If you’re new to wallpaper but really want to use it somewhere in your home, my favorite place to start is a powder room. It always seems to be the “wild card” of the house where you can have fun and guests get a little surprise. Since it’s usually a small space, you don’t have to overly commit.

bedroom with beadboard painted Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue and Sandberg Wallpaper Ragnvi Indigo Blue

How to Find a Paint Color to Complement Wallpaper

I painstakingly searched for a slightly desaturated, not-too-dark, deep blue that would give me all the vintage vibes, and this color Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue worked like a dream!

Tip: Upload a photo of your wallpaper choice into the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Visualizer by clicking “Match a Photo”, and it will generate several paint color suggestions you can sample to help you find the right one. See more paint color tips here.

Adding some beadboard wainscoting below the existing chair rail was definitely a good decision too.

bedroom with beadboard painted Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue and Sandberg Wallpaper Ragnvi Indigo Blue

Next we’ll be tackling the ceiling! The broken ceiling fan has to come down ASAP (thanks to my child’s wild gymnastics 🙈).

And I might attempt a fun faux wallpaper design on the ceiling. Maximalist decor is definitely the direction in here, which is totally right up Olivia’s alley.

What do you think so far?! Do you have a favorite vintage wallpaper pattern out of the bunch? Would you ever put it in a room in your house?

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  1. I can’t wait to see her finished room. I would love to paper my 2nd bath but it has a pitched 14′ tall ceiling. I just don’t have it in me so I will enjoy it in others homes.

  2. Can’t wait to see the finished bedroom. Personally I love the warmth wallpaper brings to a room. Recently I was looking at old photos of home interiors from the 50’s and the rooms had wallpaper, print drapes and patterned upholstery….so much character. Todays homes can be very sterile in comparison.