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9 white and blue Christmas decor ideas for dinner tables, Christmas trees, gift wrap, and holiday accents.

Most years, when I’m planning out our Christmas decor, I let Robert decide the color scheme (because I’m basically married to Buddy the Elf).

This year, when I asked what colors he wanted at Christmas, he immediately blurted out, “BLUE!” Cue the Elvis song. Bring on the white and blue Christmas decor.

dining room set for Christmas with glowing tree in corner

It’s actually perfect though because ever since I set a white and blue dinner table for Mother’s Day, I’ve been dreaming of a traditional Christmas with shades of blue in our dining room.

When I was growing up, my mom saved and started collecting Blue Willow dinnerware, and now a couple decades later, she’s expanded her collection to vases, teapots, even clocks, and basically all things white and blue.

My childhood home is covered in white and blue porcelain, so it always feels like home to me. I didn’t appreciate it as much as a kid as I do now.

Any time I see a Blue Willow piece in an antique shop, I think of her. (There’s a sweet story depicted on the china too.)

So this one’s for Mom. 💙 She let me borrow some of her collection for this season to mix in with some of my holiday decorations because she’s my bestie like that.

I had a blast pulling together ALL of the white and blue Christmas decor ideas, if it’s a look you want to implement yourself.

White and Blue Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas dining table with white and blue chinoiserie decor

White and Blue Christmas Dinner Table Decor

I know I say this every Christmas, but this year’s is my favorite dinner table of all time. It’s so simple with just a vase of greenery and a couple of candlesticks, but sometimes simple really is the best.

Dinner table decor can be so massive and over-the-top sometimes that it gets in the way of the most important detail: conversation. I love that this dinner table has just enough pretty while still being practical.

Here are some ideas to implement white and blue Christmas decor on a dining table.

The best part is it’s the perfect setup to use any time of year. Swap out the winter greenery for flowers, remove the Christmas tree, and the dining room is morphed into spring or summer. Because I’m a firm believer that home decor, for the most part, should be versatile for many seasons and span beyond trends.

Blue Willow vase and plates on a Christmas dinner table

1 Table Linens

I love this simple blue striped table runner that would actually be great to use at 4th of July too (decor that works for multiple holidays just rocks like that).

These light blue napkins add just a subtle hint of blue decor too.

white and blue Christmas dinner table decor with candles, centerpiece, linens, and dinnerware

2 Vases

I see white and blue vases at antique shops every single time I visit (a few at thrift stores over the years too). They’re such a traditional staple.

Add some evergreen stems with a few white flowers in the mix to let the blue pop.

Can you believe all of the flowers and greenery I used are faux?! They even feel real!

Vase arrangement: pine stem | cedar stems | cream roses | juniper picks

white and blue vase for centerpiece on Christmas dinner table

3 Dinnerware

I just used some of my mom’s Blue Willow salad plates with my plain white dinnerware, but it’s just proof that you don’t need an entirely new set of dishes to work with a color scheme.

Keep an eye out for just a set of secondhand small dessert plates as an accent to work with your existing dishes so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

white and blue Christmas dinner table place setting

4 Candles

Swap out plain white taper candles for blue candles instead. If you’re burning candles anyway, you might as well get some with a little hint of color, right?

white and blue Christmas dinner table with blue striped runner and blue candles

White and Blue Christmas Tree Decor

The way I usually change our Christmas decor’s color scheme every year is mostly by keeping our go-to neutral ornaments on hand in silver, gold, and white.

Then, it’s easy to just add a pop of color with ribbon and maybe one set of colored ornaments if I want to do a little extra. Most of our Christmas decor is neutral so that the ribbon can do all of the work with carrying the color palette.

blue Christmas tree decor with ribbon, metallic ornaments, and white and blue ornaments

5 Christmas Tree Ribbon

You can see 3 different ways to add ribbon to a Christmas tree here.

I used this navy blue wired velvet ribbon to add the little bit of color for a blue Christmas tree. It would be so pretty on a flocked Christmas tree too.

blue Christmas tree with ribbon, oranges, and neutral ornaments

6 Ornaments

Throw in a set of blue ornaments as an accent like simple shatterproof ball ornaments or spray paint any old ornaments you already have that you feel like changing.

I found some blue and white ornaments in the shape of ginger jars! Aren’t they so cute?! I’m planning to give them to my mom because they’re so perfect for her.

blue ribbon and white and blue ornaments on a Christmas tree

7 Gift Wrap

Wrapping paper is easy to add a touch of blue since you usually have to buy wrapping paper each year anyway.

This simple blue kraft paper with a little ribbon stands out under the tree. Or wrap gifts in neutral colored paper and add some blue velvet ribbon instead.

blue Christmas tree with blue gift wrap underneath

8 Artwork

I’m so excited about how this ribbon art on our gallery wall turned out! Tie some little blue bows onto your picture frames, and then you’ve implemented even more of the blue color scheme.

peek of dining room Christmas tree with garland framing doorway

9 Garland Ribbon

Whatever garland you have draped on stairway banisters, shelves, doorways, or your mantel, tie up a few pieces of blue ribbon.

Here’s how to hang garland on stairs and use ribbon to cover zip ties.

peek of dining room with garland framing doorway

Can you believe how different this dining room looks after 6 years? This was our dining room from our very first Christmas in this house in 2017.

real Christmas tree in a dining room decorated with mercury glass

I’ve loved it in every single holiday season and always will. This room has taught me a lot both in conversation with friends and family and in our DIY adventures. (Putting up that mural was a beast though, I tell ya.)

You can see more about our dining room here.

dining room decorated for Christmas

Dining Room Sources

Have you ever had a blue and white Christmas tree before in lieu of the traditional red and green?

More Christmas Dining Table Decor Ideas

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  1. Beautiful! The Norfolk Pine Link you shared is for 36″ pieces? Can you tell me how many you used in your centerpiece arrangement? Did you cut it shorter?

  2. Help! I can NOT access your printable library. I followed your instructions. The link is never sent to me.
    I am also subscribed to your blog. Please help! Love you home and everything you do!

    1. Hi, Carolee. I am going to email you the library right now. I am so sorry for the delay. It has been a bit crazy with all the holiday activities.

  3. Love your blue Christmas! I too have for years stuck with a neutral holiday palette but this year I added in blue and green to kick it up a notch…Ribbons in blue and green velvet and some pretty ornaments in those colors nestled in with my white, silver and gold on my flocked tree and I love the results! I also found velvet pillows and a pretty throw and am so pleased with these new touches…I too love blue and white porcelain and it really looks so pretty to plop a tree in a blue and white pot….love using regular decor with the Christmas additions instead of everything screaming Christmas it quietly celebrates the season.

  4. Omg Lauren, you are a genius. Everything you touch/creates turns into fabulous. All I can say you never stop amazing me. This is a beautiful, perfect idea. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Holidays to you and your family

  5. This is so pretty, Lauren! I love the simplicity, as so many holiday table decor ideas I see are just too over the top and stress me out. This just feels classy and elegant. I am definitely leaning more in this direction with my Christmas decor….warm greens, cream, and gold in the form of vintage brass. Started a collection of vintage brass candlesticks just last year and already have nine pairs now! I’ve learned they also work to display classic round ornaments with the metal caps, just set them upside down in the candlesticks! Curious, how do you deal with dripping wax? I bought some of the battery operated tapers, but sometimes you want the real deal during the actual meal. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home! You’re my fave!

    1. Oh how nice!! I love those items collected. The game of collecting can be so fun. Unfortunately dripping wax is a part of the real candles. You could put clear plastic wrap or even wax paper under to catch it from hitting the table cloth or table.