Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas for Cozy Winter Nights

13 simple Christmas bedroom decor ideas to add to primary bedrooms, guest bedrooms, and kids rooms for cozy winter style.

I think this might be the first time in four years I’ve busted out any Christmas bedroom decor.

To be fair, after that first year of decorating our bedroom for Christmas after moving in, we had a colicky baby, then a toddler who hardly slept, and now (maybe if I don’t jinx it by saying this) we can actually enjoy our bedrooms decorated for Christmas since sleep is a more easily attained commodity in our house these days. 😉

(Just watch: Regan will be up every hour on the hour tonight now that I’ve said that… mamas, y’all know how this jinxing game works.)

Awake or not, I’m just completely enchanted by the little Christmas tree in our bedroom! Here are a few ideas to add some holiday cheer to your bedrooms.

13 Simple Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

Christmas bedroom decor adding a Christmas tree and green bedding
Bed (similar – ours was secondhand) | Christmas Tree | Velvet Pillow Covers (similar) | Faux Leather Pillow Cover | Oblong Pillow | Green Quilt | Charcoal Knit Blanket | Sheets | Duvet Cover | Duvet Insert | Rug | Wall Lamps (similar) | Curtains | Window Shades

1. Swap your throw pillow covers

It’s times like these the capsule decor concept pays off! Remember these velvet pillows I used for fall bedroom decor last year with the mindset that the green would transition well between fall and Christmas?

Well, here we are. I love using pillow covers rather than entire pillows so that it’s easier to store in the off-season. Mine are discontinued but I love these velvet printed ones too.

That punch of green feels festive but works well for other seasons too. It’s why I generally gravitate more towards green than red (green is a great “color that reads as a neutral” since its found more prominently in nature.)

2. Add a chunky knit blanket

I love this chunky bed blanket that adds a layer of warmth and texture. Toss a throw blanket on the end of the bed with faux fur, cable knit, boucle, velvet, or any other warm textile.

Adding cozy pillows for Christmas bedroom decor

3. Swap in evergreen branches

I really didn’t have to do much on our dresser to make it feel holiday festive other than swap our year-round stems in the vase with pine branches.

4. Add candles

The glow of candles in a bedroom completely makes that cozy feeling.

For ease and added safety, use these battery operated candles instead and set them on a timer so that your bedroom invites you with a warm glow as soon as you walk through your bedroom door.

winter art on top of a Christmas decorated dresser
Dresser (similar) | Lamp | Artificial Pine Stems | Brass Bowl | Ornaments | Candle | Winter Landscape Art

5. Swap in winter art

I made this winter landscape art a couple of years ago. Swap out your art for winter or Christmas printables if you have a few frames that can easily be changed. I usually have my art printed as photos at Walgreens or large engineer prints at Office Depot.

6. Put up a Christmas tree

I mean, that’s a total no-brainer I know, but this is the first year we’ve had an actual Christmas tree in our bedroom in this house, and now I’m like, “Why didn’t we have this before?!” It’s the epitome of cozy Christmas having the glow of twinkle lights every night to enjoy.

This tree is the perfect size and shape for a smaller space, comes with an elegant planter stand, and the branches look so real! All I added was some wood bead garland and candle lights to keep it simple.

Simple green Christmas decor in a primary bedroom

7. Swap bedding

For the colder winter months, I swapped our breathable cotton quilt for this warmer flannel duvet cover, and it makes all the difference.

In our guest bedroom, I swapped our lightweight comforter for this faux fur comforter. You can see more Christmas bedding ideas here.

Cozy Christmas guest bedroom decor
Cane Headboard (similar – ours was thrifted) | Green Velvet Curtains | Faux Fur Comforter | Faux Fur Blanket | Side Tables | Lamps | Green Sherpa Pillows | Neutral Oblong Pillow | Artificial Pine Stems

8. Use a diffuser to infuse Christmas smells

We always have a diffuser in the bedroom anyway, so adding a few drops of pine essential oil awakens the senses while reducing stress and supporting immune function. I love this diffuser at Christmastime.

cozy Christmas bedding in a guest bedroom

I surprised Regan and Olivia with Christmas decor in their bedrooms too!

Gosh I wish I’d recorded their faces when they saw all of it because they absolutely lit up at the sight of their own little Christmas trees in their rooms.

Whimsical little girl Christmas bedroom decor with white and pink bedding
Headboard (similar) | Pom Pom Curtains | Window Shades | Wallpaper | Nightstands | Rug | Quilt | Duvet | Gray Knit Blanket | Pink Throw Blanket | Velvet Oblong Pillow | Snowflake Pillows | Pom Pom Garland | Bottle Brush Trees | Christmas Car Figurine | Christmas Bus Figurine

9. Drape garland on your headboard

This pom pom snowball garland is so perfect for kids’ rooms! I might just leave it up all winter long. But evergreen garland would be adorable too, if you wanted something that looks natural and rustic.

Christmas garland on a bedroom headboard

10. Use bottle brush trees for whimsy

I love putting bottle brush trees in kids’ bedrooms specifically because they just feel bright and happy.

Plus, they’re practically indestructible so if the kids move them around (or end up putting one in their dollhouse for Barbie to enjoy 😉 ), it works perfectly.

Christmas bedroom decor on a nightstand

Olivia (our 9 year-old) decorated her little tabletop tree and added LED lights herself to this corner of her room. I used to love it when my mom let me decorate my room for Christmas by myself, so this felt like a rite of passage for her.

Christmas bedroom decor in a little girl's room

11. Add small accents to tabletops

I found these retro Christmas car figurines to place on Olivia’s nightstands, and she’s borderline obsessed at this point.

pink Christmas bedroom decor

Since we gave Regan’s bedroom a “big girl” makeover transitioning from the nursery this fall, she seems to have grown up right before our eyes these last few months.

Colorful Christmas bedroom decor in a toddler's room
Headboards | Pom Pom Garland | Wallpaper | Rug | Quilt | Sheets | Gray Knit Blankets | Yellow Pillows | Pink Pom Pom Pillows | Tabletop Christmas Tree | Blush Ornaments | Butterfly Tree Clips | Tree Skirt | Bottle Brush Trees | Gold Bottle Brush Trees | Crown Topper | Ballerina Bunny Lovey | Nightstand

12. Add Christmas “lovies” to beds

Regan is very into ballet and The Nutcracker for the first time this year, so I added a few nods to The Nutcracker in her room like with this ballerina bunny lovey. She’s so attached that it’s definitely a year-round lovey from now on.

Kids' Christmas bedding
Christmas bedroom tree

13. Put up a mini tabletop tree

It’s so sweet reading bedtime stories by the glow of this tabletop tree on Regan’s nightstand every night. I just added some shatterproof blush ornaments and butterfly clips as a tie in to her chinoiserie wallpaper.

Christmas bedroom decor tree in a kid's room

It’s all so adorable that I don’t know if I’ll be able to bring myself to take down all of this cute Christmas bedroom decor come January! Love it so much!

Colorful Christmas bedroom decor in a toddler room

Do you have any ways you add bedroom Christmas decor at your house?

It was one of my favorite things when I was little, so being able to pass on this little extra bit of Christmas magic to my girls feels even more special.


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  1. First, I did not know there was battery operated candles that’s on a timer. These are a must have fir our family. I also love how you added just enough of a touch of Christmas in each bedroom. Over all, I love all your ideas. Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays