3 Must-Do Tricks to Upgrade Plain Windows

My Carolina Panthers lost at the Super Bowl yesterday, but at least our master bedroom is #winning!

I mean sort of. Almost. It’s getting there.

UPDATE: See our full master bedroom makeover reveal here!

If windows are the eyes of a room, our master bedroom just got a major makeover at the MAC counter.

Because what used to look like this…

3 Must-Do Tricks to Upgrade Plain Windows | blesserhouse.com

…now pretty much has the window version of eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara, and it’s fahbulous dahling. (How did I just transition from football to girl talk so quickly? No idea.)

3 Must-Do Tricks to Upgrade Plain Windows | blesserhouse.com

The other day, Robert and I busted out our usual DIY Craftsman window trim tricks to add a little extra farmhouse charm to go with our planked board and batten wall.

We only have 2 sets of windows left until our entire house is trimmed out! Yay! All the happy booty dances for trim!

Once we added some white curtains I picked up at Ikea and replaced the plain white blinds with driftwood Roman shades for some extra texture, it was like a whole new room.

3 Must-Do Tricks to Upgrade Plain Windows | blesserhouse.com

And then I got a little before/after happy in here.

3 Must-Do Tricks to Upgrade Plain Windows | blesserhouse.com

But it’s amazing how much those three window elements can add! Trifecta of perfection. Trifection?

3 Must-Do Tricks to Upgrade Plain Windows | blesserhouse.com

Oh, and we also added a faux deer head who we’ve dubbed with the name “Pat”, Pat the deer. Get it? Har har. (We have a slight Friends addiction in our house and I mean… Joey Tribiani would probably do the same thing.)

3 Must-Do Tricks to Upgrade Plain Windows | blesserhouse.com

I get asked a lot about our ceiling fan in here, but it’s been discontinued for a while. I rounded up a list of similar fans here though. It’s really surprising how many not-yo-momma’s ceiling fans are out there nowadays.

3 Must-Do Tricks to Upgrade Plain Windows | blesserhouse.com

I plan on adding an area rug too at some point… if I can ever make up my mind on which one.

With the long white curtains and our new mirror, the sunlight is even more beautiful in here in the mornings.

3 Must-Do Tricks to Upgrade Plain Windows | blesserhouse.com

I switched out our table lamps for these task lamps for a more industrial feel too, and I’m lovin’ the change.

3 Must-Do Tricks to Upgrade Plain Windows | blesserhouse.com

We’re getting soooooo close to this space being finished!

Here’s where we are on the ol’ to-do list:

  • DONE: Paint walls (Benjamin Moore Moonshine)
  • DONE: Install planked board and batten wall
  • DONE:  Change hardware on dresser
  • DONE:  Install window trim
  • DONE:  Change out lamps
  • DONE:  Hang decor over bed
  • DONE:  Replace blinds with bamboo shades?
  • DONE:  Hang curtains
  • DONE:  Change out mirror
  • Refinish barn doors
  • Hang barn doors
  • Buy area rug
  • Paint a gray wash on bed?

Woo to the hoo! The one thing I’m still going back and forth about is our bed. I’ve thought about changing the upholstered panel on our headboard to a linen color or even gray washing the dark wood a touch. What do you think? Change it or leave it? I’ve been staring at it for waaaay too long trying to decide if I should leave well enough alone.

Update!  You can check out more about all of the projects and makeovers that went into our master bedroom here:


3 Must-Do Tricks to Upgrade Plain Windows | blesserhouse.com



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  1. What a beautiful outcome!!!! Well worth the labor of love. As another reader shared, I don’t think I’d paint the bed as it really “anchors” that part of the room. Great job!!!!!

  2. Looks beautiful! I love everything about your room. Would you mind telling the name of the Ikea curtains? I love those.

    1. Absolutely! They’re the IKEA Ritva curtains. I have them in two rooms in our house now and want more. It’s hard finding curtains that cheap that are really long and wide and great quality. Love em. 🙂

      1. Hi Lauren… I can’t tell by looking at your curtains (which I love by the way)… but are they room darkening? Trying to find something for a bedroom on the west side of my home and need something that will help with the heat. I love your blog… you are so creative and adventurous!! So many things I’d love to do to my “builder grade home” but nervous since I’m not very “handy”. Thank you for all your excellent ideas… love opening your blog each day!!

        1. Hi DeAnna! They’re not room darkening, unfortunately. But I think IKEA does carry similar ones that are room darkening. It’s my favorite source for inexpensive curtains. Thank you so much for the love!!! You completely made my day!

  3. Gah, the difference is insane! I would love to do this around our windows but the corners are rounded and I haven’t quite figured out how to work around that :/ As far as the bed, while it may be alot of work, I vote to whitewash it and see how you like it. If it’s still not quite there then I would try and change out the upholstery to a linen. I think you can totally make it very RH-inspired doing one or both of those 🙂 Can’t wait to see it!!

    1. Ohh that is tricky! I don’t know what I would do with rounded corners either. I’m sooo curious to see what the bed would look like if I whitewashed/reupholstered. Too bad there’s not an undo button for DIY. Ha! Maybe I can get all fancy on Photoshop before I decide for sure.

  4. It’s really starting to come together Lauren. Tha addition of the eye makeup makes a huge difference. And the new lamps are very pretty and create an interesting element. I’m surprised that you’re thinking of painting the bed. I think it’s gorgeous just as it is. I guess you can tell better than I, since you are there and once the rest of the tasks are done you’ll be able to decide. Certainly the barn doors will make a huge statement.

    1. Thanks, Mary! With all of the feedback I’m getting from it, I’m thinking the bed will stay as-is. I’m just a tiny bit curious what it would look like lightened up, but there’s really no undoing it if I go that route and then hate it. DIY needs an undo button, don’t you think? 😉

      1. I just had an idea, You can add a fabric over the headboard to see what it would look like if it was lighter. Then check to see if there is balance in the room. This is a sort of undo button..lol! I’ve seen bloggers make upholstered covers for their headboards and then to change the look they simply remove them.

  5. Hey Lauren – love the master bedroom transformation so far! I love what a difference framing out the windows made, not to mention the curtains and wonderful shade… I say leave the bed – it’s a good contrast with the light color on the walls/curtains/bedding. I love it! Thanks for sharing…

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Lanita! It helps soooo much. I’m definitely leaning toward leaving the bed as-is. I agree. Contrast is good.