Thrifty Shutter Wall Decor

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This might be one of those deja vu posts. Reclaimed wood + greenery = Lauren’s happy place!

That perfect combo is right up there with Bruno Mars radio and toddler dance parties…that’s pretty much the usual combination at our house anyway. (Oh, and Olivia’s booty shaking skills are way better than mine. What’s up with that?)

Anywho, you might remember this little set up in our dining room from just a few months ago.

Thrifty Shutter Wall Decor |

Then, with only weeks until we host a 20+ person Thanksgiving at our house, we decided to change up our dining room.

You’ll be seeing a little more about that tomorrow, but basically the giant too-monstrous-for-our-space buffet table has gone buh-bye. And that meant our wooden shutters needed a new home on a different wall.

Thrifty Shutter Wall Decor |

A super sweet friend of ours gave me these perfectly rustic shutters one day because they were just collecting dust in her garage. Um…yes please! I will never have the heart to get rid of them.

Thrifty Shutter Wall Decor |

I got the idea to hang them a little bit differently than how I’d usually seen them put up as wall decor using a couple of D-rings for each one. I decided to flip them horizontally since they were the perfect size for the width of our blank dining room wall.

I picked up these preserved boxwood wreaths on sale at Target to give them an extra bit of pop and texture too. (Since you already know that’s always my not-so-secret ingredient.)

Thrifty Shutter Wall Decor |

Aren’t they cute?! I think the shutters would look kind of lonely without the wreaths up there with them.

Thrifty Shutter Wall Decor |

I’m finding more and more that I love using boxwoods everywhere. They work for every season, and all I have to do is maybe embellish them just a little bit for Christmas coming up soon.

And since they’re preserved, I can’t kill them! Ha! Otherwise, they wouldn’t have a prayer. If you have boxwood bushes already in your yard, you can even make them yourself, but no such luck here for me.

Thrifty Shutter Wall Decor |

So now our once blank dining room wall finally has a little rustic-y love. They tie in perfectly with our foyer too.

Thrifty Shutter Wall Decor |

I can’t wait to show the other new change I’ve added to this space tomorrow. It’s way more fitting than the huge buffet was before. But the DIYed chairs and rope chandelier have most definitely made the cut to hang around for a while.

Oh, and do you see the easiest fall centerpiece ever on the table there? A wreath + a pumpkin = the fastest table decor in the history of everything. That was sort of a happy accident one day when I needed a place to move that wreath that used to hang on the shutters before, but then I just left it.

Do you like our dining room tweak? Or my preserved can’t-kill wreath obsession? Or super sweet friends who let you plunder their garage for “treasures”? If you need me, Olivia and I will be shaking our groove thangs in the living room to “Uptown Funk”.



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  1. I read the latest posting first, and was wondering what you had on the wall there. Somehow with the shutters hanging horizontally, it totally tricked me. I like!

    1. Aw thank you, Karen! That makes me so happy! I feel like my blog is still a baby. It just turned 2 year old this month. 🙂

  2. I think they do look better this color brown and sideways. Was your buffet faux?? I didn’t see it in the “after”. But with 20 people I can see why you might want to leave it out. Ahhhh….a kids table?? Where my kids still want to eat because they are not the “adults” yet though they are married?!!!? Best to you.
    ps You do have a great target!!!

    1. Haha! Yeah the space was definitely needed. We’re able to extend our kitchen table all the way out into the living room and push back our sofas to accommodate that many people at Thanksgiving. Usually only about 6-8 people sit in this dining room. But yes, that buffet had to go. It was just a media cabinet I’d painted and used as a buffet. We have a little kid’s table we bring downstairs from our playroom as our kids’ table too…though they’re not quite as old as yours. They’re all 5 and under. 😉

  3. Love the shutters hung like that and the boxwood wreaths are perfect. They will be so easy to add a little embellishment as needed. Perfect! Can’t wait to see the rest of the room.

    1. Thanks, Angie! They worked perfectly for that wall. I’m thinking maybe at Christmas, it’s be a fun spot to print some black and white Christmas photos to place in between the slats and have them on display.

  4. Hi Lauren!

    I’ve read and re-read and re-read again all your fireplace posts. I’m a bit obsessed haha. I love how you’ve done it and my husband and I are wanting to give this a try. I just have a couple questions. You mentioned in one post you weren’t going to include the dimensions you used because ours would be different according to our space. Well this is where I’m getting a little hung up in the process and was wondering if I could ask your advice? I’m curious how deep your mantel ended up being? Our tv would be placed above the fireplace as well but I want a deep enough mantel to decorate. Also curious how tall it is? I’m worried about the tv being too high for viewing.

    Thank you so much for your help. I enjoy everything about your site, decorating, humor, family, etc etc….thank you so much for sharing your gifts with all of us. 🙂

    P.S. I apologize if you’ve already received this comment 🙂 Have a great day!