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Our En Suite Bathroom Remodel – We Have Faucets!

The choices we made for our classic en suite bathroom for designer dupe light fixtures, sink faucets, vintage style toilet, and shower faucets.

I’ve now dubbed this place the en suite bathroom because it just feels fancier than any other term. 😉

Bath parlor? Salle de bain? (This might be the French lessons from Fancy Nancy talking because my 3 year-old is obsessed at the moment.)

Anyways, the bathroom remodel is slowly trucking along, and we now have light fixtures and faucets!

They look so pretty with the scalloped marble backsplash I can hardly handle it.

scalloped marble backsplash with gold wall mount faucets, faux marble porcelain tile herringbone floor, and wooden vanity in en suite bathroom

Our En Suite Bathroom Remodel Projects

Light Fixtures

We will soon be hanging individual mirrors between the sconce lights. I chose these sconces from Amazon as a cheaper designer dupe.

After living with bathroom vanity lights hanging above the mirror and on either sides of the mirror, I much prefer the sides for putting on makeup.

Lighting hitting your face from above creates more shadows than lighting that hits your face from two directions on both sides of your face, so makeup applications will be easier to see.

scalloped marble backsplash with gold wall mount faucets in en suite bathroom

Sink Faucets

These modern Champagne Bronze wall mount faucets are everything!!

Since the backsplash has that feminine detail with the scallop, I wanted the juxtaposition of a more sleek, clean faucet design.

We’ve used Delta’s Champagne Bronze in our powder room before too. It’s my favorite gold/brass tone because it’s just slightly desaturated enough to add warmth without overwhelming the space with bright yellow.

scalloped marble backsplash with gold wall mount faucets in en suite bathroom

Wooden Toilet Seat Lid

This bathroom’s size and shape is really challenging to photograph, so I had to squish myself into the corner for this photo.

I got this self-cleaning toilet again that we love and have used twice before now.

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classic modern bathroom

To help it feel more polished, we had this wooden toilet seat added along with a champagne bronze flush lever.

Those little details make such a big difference… the potty matters. 😉

toilet with wooden toilet seat and gold flush lever

Shower Faucets

We are waiting on a glass shower door that is arriving soon! That’s been part of the hold up thanks to some supply delays.

It’s going to be soooo good with the little details I have planned for it that you’ll see soon.

marble look porcelain tile shower with shower niches

But we finally have shower faucets!

faux marble porcelain tile shower with gold shower faucets

We added this slide bar and hand shower head because if there’s one thing I hate it’s trying to clean shower tile without one of those.

champagne bronze shower faucets in en suite bathroom

We’re maybe 2 weeks away from the finish line? Possibly 3? I’m crossing all the fingers and toes that it happens soon.

We have 14 people staying at our house for Thanksgiving and we currently only have 1 working shower, so that could get interesting it that’s still the situation then. Whew!

faux marble porcelain tile shower
wood bathroom vanity with scalloped marble backsplash

Once the contractors are finished with the last couple of details, Robert and I have a few plans to finish it out with molding, smart small storage, and all of the little decor touches.

So readyyyyy!


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  1. It’s just beautiful!! We recently updated our guest bath and kids’ bathroom, but your master bath has inspired me to get moving on our original and very dated master bath! I love you used porcelain tile in the shower area. We installed marble subway tile in our guest bath as it won’t be used every day, but I think that the larger porcelain tile is the way to go for every day use, easier upkeep for sure! What is the color of the paint you used on your bathroom walls? I love that is it light and subtle and compliments the flooring. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes! That’s exactly why we chose the porcelain. I’ve stayed in hotels with real marble in bathrooms, and they always looked terrible from the etching. Porcelain is definitely the way to go for easy maintenance. We used Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace on the walls.

  2. Very beautiful. I too love the delta Champagne gold and used the exact same shower set up you did. We also had a houseful in June when the bathroom wasn’t quite finished. No shower door or mirror so I put up a temporary mirror and shower curtain so the bath could be used. Can’t wait to see your finished project.

    1. Haha! Yep! That might be the route we take if it’s not finished in time. It’s all good though. We can definitely make do at this point.

  3. Beautiful! Ya done good with all your choices, girl! What shape and frame finish will you do for the mirrors? And what is that to the lower left of the vanity – motion detector? USB? Love those faucets.

  4. A suspension rod and shower curtain might be in order! The bathroom is lovely and I love the sink faucets on the wall – so much easier to clean the sink. Will you be hanging narrow mirrors between those light fixtures? And that toilet seat – gorgeous!
    I can hardly imagine 14 house guests at one time! It’s a ways off, but enjoy your Thanksgiving!

    1. We’re waiting on the contract to seal the ledge and then we can definitely make do with a shower curtain for now. And yes, there will be narrow black arched mirrors between the lights. We’re used to my husband’s big Irish Catholic family. They’re wild but fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Lovely! We’re in the midst of a bathroom reno too, it all started with a leak and resulted in having to redo half of the downstairs we had redone two years ago, ripping up all the slate floors, walls and ceilings from the guest bath through the mudroom. I had done a venetian plaster treatment on the walls, so that will have to be redone as well… sigh. On the bright side, I’m getting a bigger primary bath (took the opportunity to widen it by a foot) with two pocket doors giving us access from the bedroom as well as the hall, and revamping our bedroom/dressing area as well. Love the way you’ve incorporated the new with the vintage look… my vibe is a country french farmhouse style and I mix antique/vintage finds that I repaint and repurpose.