20 Gorgeous Modern Ceiling Fans We Love

A round-up of 20 beautiful ceiling fans to add modern style to a room while keeping the climate comfortable.

No matter if it’s July or January, we’re still clinging to our ceiling fans for dear life over here. I blame it on the fact that we live in the South.

Whenever I share Olivia’s bedroom or our living room, the number one question I got was “Where did you get that ceiling fan?”

wicker fandelier

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Every time I put a ceiling fan in a room, the number one comment I get is “Thank you for putting up ceiling fan!”

Maybe it’s not what all the “cool kids” do (punny mom jokes…har har), but ceiling fans get more of a bad rap than they deserve.

If you’re in the same fan must-have situation, this one’s for you. I rounded up all of my favorite ceiling fans that are seriously GORGEOUS! They’ve come a long way in the last 5-10 years.

We currently have 5 in our house (a must here in the usually hot, humid Carolinas even with adequate a/c).

tween bedroom with blue floral wallpaper and rattan fandelier

Fandeliers in Our Home

Ever since we found bladeless ceiling fan chandeliers as an alternative to the traditional blade ceiling fan, there’s been no turning back for us.

This woven fandelier we put in Olivia’s room is perfect for a bedroom since the moving air is strongest directly underneath. It’s great for hanging over a bed if you’re a hot sleeper.

limewashed brick fireplace and gold fandelier in a living room

This fandelier that I spray painted gold in our living room cost a little more than we’d normally spend on a fan, but I don’t regret it one bit.

gold chandelier ceiling fan

Ceiling Fans in Our Home

Most of our bladed ceiling fans can be changed up by flipping the blades over to reveal a different color, if we ever wanted to switch up the look without spending anything. And every single one of them gets serious breeze action happening when we need it.

I’m totally smitten over this modern matte brass fan in the guest bedroom. It comes in other colors too.

Gorgeous matte brass modern ceiling fan in a bedroom

This pair of white outdoor fans have helped soooo much for cooling our back porch on breeze-less days and also to keep the bugs away.

white outdoor ceiling fans on a porch with haint blue ceiling and limewash fireplace

And I swear I wouldn’t sleep a wink without this black and brass fan in our primary bedroom.

white wingback storage bed from amazon in black bedroom

Are you in Camp Ceiling Fan or Camp Chandelier in the bedroom?

As much as I would LOVE to be Camp Chandelier (because they’re so prettyyyyyyy), I have a feeling I’ll always and forever be a fan girl.

Got any other good fan recs to add to the list? We’re always fans of a good fan.

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  1. I’m in Arizona too and ceiling fans are a must so I’m definitely a fan. The great thing is that fan designers have really upped their game and there are some attractive while practical options out there, even some with lights. I love the thought of chandeliers but they don’t seem right in my bungalow-style home with my style, and they don’t make sense, certainly not for my windowless laundry room that is the dark hole of Calcutta without the small lamp I keep on all day or my world’s smallest walk-in closet. There’s still the option for one in my D’office (my office which is the former dining room in my open LR/DR floorplan) if I one day find something just the right one. Thanks much for the list. I’m planning to replace the one in my master and the one on my patio.

    1. Absolutely team ceiling fan! In every room except the kitchen and dinning room. With two dogs and sometimes three if my grand-dog is here, I don’t need any more dog hair flying! I saw this on a t-shirt – dog hair, not just a fashion statement, a condiment too! No thanks!
      P.S. LOVE your bedroom colors!

  2. I’ve looked and looked for a pretty chandelier that also has a small fan for circulation. If I could find a nice one, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Thanks for researching the pretty ceiling fans!

  3. Yes girl yes! Fan girl here for sure. We have them in all bedrooms and in living room and they are in almost year round. I do like that the appearance has improved over the past few years and we’ve upgraded all of ours.

  4. Beautiful fans, Lauren, but can you send some of the heat up here to coastal Massachusetts. Its been really cool here this summer and fall!!!

  5. Team fan girl for sure !! We use them every night even in winter just for air….you should make one that incorporates both a fan and chandelier, I would buy it! 😀