Bathroom Linen Closet Organization Ideas That Totally Work

8 perfect bathroom linen closet organization ideas for the best ways to sort sheets, keep cleaning supplies and toiletries handy, make laundry easier, and have guest amenities in easy reach.

bathroom linen closet organization ideas that work

Organizing is a form of therapy. I’m 100% convinced of that. 

Because whenever I’m feeling a little stressed, I say a little prayer, put on some makeup, and clean or organize something. It works every time to give me a positive energy boost. 

This week, I was feeling a little “blah”, and the bathroom linen closet needed an organization refresh anyway. In 2 hours, I had a freshly tidy closet in our kids’ bathroom and a big heaping dose of endorphins. Win/win!

Here’s what our small linen closet looked like before I did a big overhaul on it 4 years ago. 

messy linen closet before

We did get lucky with the linen closet’s deep shelves already installed by previous owners (you can see how to DIY this same linen closet shelving to replace wire shelves here), but it had sheets spilling out and towels haphazardly thrown in. 

It caused our family a ton of stress, and I couldn’t deal anymore.

If your bathroom linen closet needs some love too, here are some tips to maximize it with tons of storage and function.

8 Bathroom Linen Closet Ideas That Pack in Storage and Function

organized bathroom linen closet with bins, baskets, and towels

1. Use Color Coded Rolling Hampers

Color coding hampers is a great idea to encourage your family members to sort their light and dark laundry without them even thinking about it. Leave some extra space under the lower shelves to make closet space for hampers on wheels and larger items like duvet inserts.

We have tile and hardwood floors, so I love that I can easily roll this hamper out of the linen closet when I need to. The top has a drawstring as an easy way to tote the entire collapsible bin to the laundry room. 

back of white towels on bathroom linen closet shelving with cleaning caddy and laundry. hampers

2. Utilize a Large Basket for Duvets and Quilts

We like to keep at least one extra duvet and quilt per bed size on hand for guests or rotating for laundry, so we store them in this large handled basket

Especially with having young kids who sometimes gets sick in the middle of the night, we always need easy access to clean quilts at a moment’s notice.

3. Use Clear Bins for Toiletries

Keep clear stackable storage bins at eye level to make it easy to grab smaller items and extra toiletries like body wash when you run out or want a quick scoop of epsom salt for a bath.

I like to keep mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to stock our guest room or for packing in suitcases for travel.

When you use clear containers on linen closet shelves, it’s easier to see when you need to stock up. Wire baskets can work well in a small space for this purpose too. Stackable is a great way to utilize vertical space when you don’t have the luxury of a walk-in closet. 

linen closet storage bins labeled for toiletries

What Small Items to Store in Plastic Bins in a Bathroom Linen Closet

  • Extra bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
  • Feminine products
  • Nail polish
  • Cotton balls and Q-tips
  • Essential oils
  • Extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss
  • Hair ties, clips, and similar items for hair styling
  • Medicines and first aid supplies in lieu of a medicine cabinet
clear storage bins with labels for bathroom supplies

4. Label Everything

By labeling your bins and baskets, your family members will know exactly where everything is supposed to go.

I’ve made the mistake of just assuming everyone would know where to put things in our bathroom linen closet by glancing at what is already IN the bins. Nope. Doesn’t work. Make it an organizing-for-dummies situation to help you family maintain what you’ve already tidied.

I love these pretty Home Edit label stickers with pretty script (I wish my handwriting was that amazing). For other things that don’t work with the pre-written labels, this label maker does the trick. 

clear organizer drawers for essential oils and nail polish

5. Stick to White Sheets and Towels

This is just a personal preference of mine, but I really only buy white linens because I can bleach them and know they are super duper clean. They don’t fade like colored linens do.

Something about white towels just makes your bathroom feel like a spa. Plus, having all white makes laundry day easy and reduces visual clutter. 

Fold extra towels into thirds to make for neat stacking, and use shelf dividers if you have a wide shelf. These are some of my favorite plush towels and soft sheets

Give linens a good spritz with my favorite DIY linen spray to make them smell extra fresh. 

bathroom linen closet organized with bins, baskets, and storage drawers

6. Use a Storage Caddy for Cleaning Supplies

I prefer putting cleaning supplies in a storage caddy so that I can tote around all of the sprays and cleaning solutions I need to our three bathrooms on cleaning day without juggling bottles and dropping them all over the place. A lazy susan works well too.

Place it right back on the shelf when you’re done. And in case a kiddo has a spill, he or she will know where to find the clean up stuff. 

7. Use Large Bins for Utility Items

Keep large bins in easy reach to store extra rolls of toilet paper, washcloths and hand towels, and tools like hairdryers, curling irons, diffusers, humidifiers, and related items. 

I make sure to keep toilet paper in plain sight for guests especially. (Because who wants to ask that question when you realize you’ve run out of TP mid-business at someone’s house?)

bins storing towels, toilet paper, and toiletries

8. Separate Sheet Sizes in Lidded Baskets

If you have more than one size bed in your house, keep the different sizes of sheets separated when storing them for the best linen closet organization. Fold the flat sheet and pillowcases inside of the fitted sheet to keep sets together.

I absolutely can’t stand when our sets of sheets sizes get jumbled up, and then I have to go digging through a giant pile to search for king and queen sizes. Lidded storage baskets keep them sorted and make them stay that way to prevent a messy linen closet. Do the same with extra blankets of different bed sizes. 

I like using these leather lanyards as basket labels. Toss in a bamboo charcoal bag in each basket to keep musty smells away from your sheets. 

pair of baskets storing sheets on linen closet shelving
sheet set storage in basket with lanyard label

Bonus Tip: If you still need space, there’s usually ample storage space on the back of the door where you can use a door rack shelving unit.

That’s it! Even if you have small closets like a bathroom linen closet with limited shelf space, you can still pack in tons of storage and function with the right organization plan. 

I’m SO glad I don’t have to go digging through this closet anymore to try to find the right sheet size or scoop up dirty clothes tossed all in the floor. 

The more I organize, the more I’m convinced it’s one of the best stress relievers ever and repays your efforts every single day.

You don’t have to have a lot of space to create the look of custom linen closets. The first step to a perfectly organized space is figuring out a system that works best for you and your family. 

pair of baskets storing bedsheets and clear bins storing soaps and toiletries

Bathroom Linen Closet Organization Sources

linen closet in a bathroom with black door, white tile, and gray walls
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  1. Oh my gosh I needed this so bad! Our linen closet is a hot mess. I tried going through it and I was able to donate some of our stuff, which helped a lot, but it is still bugging me. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. love that your closet is within the bathroom! I once had a home with a “laundry chute”, a simple open box in the upstairs closet that fed dirty clothing right down onto the dryer on the main … into a laundry basket.
    kids loved to “chute” their dirty clothing down the hole!! I still miss it, and think builders should do more to put in some of these handy things. ann lee, bc, Canada

    1. I always wanted a laundry chute! My parents when they built their house when I was little took their laundry chute out of their building plans because they were terrified I or my little brother would just jump right in and try to make a carnival ride out of it. Haha!

  3. You should see mine it is so stuffed that there is no room for everything. I really like the idea with the baskets. You know I’m going to put the sheets we don’t use all the time away and just keep the most used ones in baskets. Thanks for the spark of inspiration Lauren!

    1. Same! We had sheets stuffed in there that we hadn’t used in years. And they were so worn, I wouldn’t even use them for guests. So in the purge pile they went.

  4. Boy, do I need to organize mine. I have a hall linen closet, and that is it. My problem is that I have multiple sets of sheets, blankets, and comforter sets. I get bored with comforter sets, and then decide to buy a new one, then I launder and fold up the old one into the plastic zippered bag it came in. However, I have at least 2 for each size bed in our home, and sometimes more, not to mention all the extra blankets. I can purge every other type of item in our home, but purging linens well…I am lousy at that. I have ten year old towels folded neat and nicely just because maybe one of animals will need extra bedding when lambing, or maybe the dogs will need them, who knows if it might get cold and the electric went out, and what if more family than I have beds for comes…I could make pallets on the floor for the teens. Lol….see my problem. Closet Linen hoarder, and then I try to make mine look like yours which is awesome, and my linen hoarder comes out. I love your blogs!