Dollar Store Thanksgiving Tablescape

Just in case you hadn’t noticed…I’m a tweaker. 
That’s not to be confused with a twerker. Miley Cyrus pretty much owns that title. And that’s definitely not a good look for me anyway.
No, I tweak. As in I study decor, and I research the cheapest way to achieve it. And then in the midst of my madness to execute it for myself, I usually stare and nit-pick at whatever project I’m obsessed with in the moment for a good hour or two…thank goodness my toddler is an awesome napper. (Dear Lord, I hope I didn’t just seal my fate with those famous-last-words.)
Bless'er House | Dollar Store Thanksgiving Tablescape

You want to know a secret? 9 times out of 10, no scratch that, 10 times out of 10 I have no flippin’ clue what I’m doing in decor-world. I’d never actually attempted a real tablescape until today.
But Robert and I had a temporary moment of insanity decided last week to have a huge Griswold-style Thanksgiving this year. I’m so crazy excited since this is the first Thanksgiving we’ll be hosting EVER! (Thanksgivings in our newlywed 700 square-foot first apartment didn’t make the cut in the past.)
Bless'er House | Dollar Store Thanksgiving Tablescape
But since we’re living on a one salary income while I do this stay-at-home mom gig, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on table decor…cuz for real…stuffing my face is way more important.
After whipping up a DIYed table runner (which I’ll share with you tomorrow), reusing items we had around our house, and scouring the dollar store, this was the end result. I gotta say…I’m pleased as punch.
Here are some ideas to keep the Thanksgiving table decor as low budget as possible:
1. Use nature to your advantage.
Leaves, pinecones, and wood slices add tons of texture to a table. And, hey, it’s free!
I used some leftover wood slices from our faux fireplace door, and they worked perfectly as candle holders. Pinecones doubled as placecard holders. And, since we don’t have any big trees in our little yard, I found leaves in the floral section of the dollar store to scatter on the table.
Bless'er House | Dollar Store Thanksgiving Tablescape
2. Use dollar store candles to create a big impact for a low cost.

When I was little, my grandparents would light candles at the dinner table for special occasions. It was considered “fancy” and my brother and I worked extra hard to focus on our table manners when they were lit.
There’s still something special about lit candles on a table. And, if you’re a pyro like I am, it’s fun to watch the flame if the conversation is slow. 😉
Bless'er House | Dollar Store Thanksgiving Tablescape

3. Create placemats using posterboard and a metallic marker.

We don’t really have the tradition of taking turns around the table to discuss what we’re thankful for because to be honest, we’re not that formal. We’re very lucky to have a family that gets along really well and laughter inevitably fills our kitchen at every gathering. I love it!

But there’s something beautiful about writing what you’re thankful for. Counting blessings always puts life into perspective…even if it’s on a placemat.

Bless'er House | Dollar Store Thanksgiving Tablescape

4. Paint plastic dollar store pumpkins.

Okay, you don’t have to paint them. But the pumpkins I bought at my local dollar store weren’t convincing as the real thing. See? I tweak. It’s a sickness. But I love the little bit of elegance the white creates.

Bless'er House | Dollar Store Thanksgiving Tablescape
By the way, do you see that light above our table? I just bought a fixer-upper chandelier from Goodwill this morning that is destined to take its place. You’ll be seeing it eventually.
Bless'er House | Dollar Store Thanksgiving Tablescape
And do you see that one candle out of line with the rest? Did I just give myself away? Do you think I’m crazy now? I warned you. 😉
Bless'er House | Dollar Store Thanksgiving Tablescape
Bless'er House | Dollar Store Thanksgiving Tablescape

For our “napkins” I cut up a roll of burlap I had in my craft closet.

Those scalloped red salad plates were actually a Goodwill find a few months ago for $1 each. They’ll probably make another appearance at Christmas.

So what do you think? Decent for a first try at tablescaping? I think I’m even more excited about how cheap it was than than actual decor itself. The dollar store is freaking fabulous!

Since I didn’t get a chance to share yesterday, we snapped this quick picture before trick-or-treating Friday night. Olivia wore out those ruby slippers of hers. After hitting up the first house for candy, she was hooked!
Be sure to check out yesterday’s giveaway for $100 to Freestyle Mom! I’m not ready to admit that Christmas is right around the corner but this shop is really getting me in the holiday spirit. I might end up a tad jealous of the winner.
If you’re already getting started on Christmas shopping, I just discovered for buying discounted gift cards and selling unwanted ones for cash. Friend to friend, I had to share. It’s pretty brilliant. 😉
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  1. I think you and your tablescape are awesome! Red is my favorite color and I love how you included it in your design. Plus… I’ve got to go to the Dollar Store for some pumpkins. Like now!

    Please share your fabulous self at Show Me Saturdays this weekend. I know more readers would love it!
    ~ Ashley