Muted Fall Tablescape

When I was in middle school, I had to take an etiquette class. I kid you not.

Muted Fall Tablescape

My teacher set a table with linens and goblets and a gajillion different types of silverware, and we were tested on our table manners. We had to eat a meal while keeping our elbows off the table, keep our napkins in our laps, and know the exact position to rest our fork on our plate to signify to our hostess whether we were “resting” or “finished”.

And she swore we would need to know this when we became adults.

Well…not at our house.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

Because if you ever happen to stroll into our cookie cutter subdivision, we roll out the welcome wagon, not the red carpet. As in, take your shoes off and stay a while, drink from a mason jar, curl up on the couch for a chat kind of welcome.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously around here, and our home often reflects that.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

So when Sonya from At Home With the Barkers and Melissa from Daisy Mae Belle asked if I’d be willing to share a fall-inspired centerpiece for their series Hospitality Filled Homes, I instantly thought about how we entertain our family and friends around here.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

We laugh at this table. Belly laugh. Along with elbows on the table as we pass around plates.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

If you end up wearing your food, we’re not judging…because chances are we already have a spill or two on our own shirts.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

We’re barbeque and sweet tea enthusiasts around here. And in the fall, football fanatics.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

So maybe we’ll light a few candles and call it “fancy”.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

Maybe we’ll put out a $7 roll of burlap from Walmart and call it “linens”.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

I might place a $4 thrift store tray on the table and make it a centerpiece.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

But the truth is what matters most about a table isn’t what’s on it.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

What matters most is who is around it and how you share that moment.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

Because whoever pays us a visit and sits with us for dinner is instantly family.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

And every time, we take a moment to hold hands around this table and thank God for letting those who walk through our door to be a part of our lives.

Muted Fall Tablescape | Bless'er House

Because the best part about having decorated rooms is having loving hearts to fill them. That’s what truly makes it home.

If you want to steal this look for yourself, here’s the whole source list:

(Affiliate links are provided below. For more information, see my full disclosure.)

Pumpkins –  Michaels and Walmart

Greenery – Michaels

Lime waxed tray – DIY (Tutorial linked)

Candle holders – DIY (Leftover from our fireplace door project)

Napkins – World Market

Napkin rings – Thrifted

Driftwood chargers – World Market

Votive candles – HomeGoods

Placemats – HomeGoods

Dishes – Wedding gift (You can find similar ones here.)

Pinecones – Good ol’ mother nature

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  1. Lauren, you are like a breath of fresh air! Thank you for this wonderful description of how family dinners and entertaining should be. It sounds a lot like my home! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your table looks beautiful! You are warm and kind, and this world could do with more folks like you.

    1. Haha! Maybe my post comes across the wrong way. We have good manners; we’re just not formal. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I promise I chew with my mouth closed.

  2. So much of my decorating comes from thrift stores. So fun to find something you love and can repurpose. Enjoyed seeing your casual home. Lovely.

    1. Thank you, Loretta! I’m so with you. It’s fun to find some really neat something at the thrift store and figure out some new way to use it.

  3. Lauren,
    I read your blogs and copy just about every DIY project you create! God has given you unbelievable artistic gifts of writing and creativity! Just wanted to tell you that I think you are adorable! Keep on inspiring, girlfriend!
    Your sister in Christ,
    Kelly :0)

  4. It’s funny we are also very relaxed in our home but good table manners were number one when we were seated at the table. They used the correct utensil, used their napkins, said may I be excused please and we still had wonderful times. When our oldest started a terrific job in NYC, he was invited to a very special dinner. When he came home, he gave me a kiss and said thank you for teaching me good table manners. He told me when they were all seated everyone looked at one another and didn’t know what to do. He said I took my napkin, placed it on his lap and chose the right utensil. I’m glad my kids enjoyed dinners at home but I am even happier that I taught them how to be good adults with good manners.

    1. Haha Yeah, don’t get me wrong. We use good table manners, but it’s the more casual type if that makes any sense. It’s definitely nice knowing proper ettiquette for the occasions you need to use them. It’s nice having that happy medium at home. ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember my parents would light candles on the table every once in a while, and we would practice good manners when I was little. Sounds like your son has been raised well.

  5. Love the simplicity and the “at home” feel to your lovely dรฉcor. But, I think most of all, I’m really touched by your heart-felt words about the love you have for family, friends and God.

  6. I love it Lauren! I used that same roll of burlap from Wal-Mart on my table. Your table looks so beautiful. I too love the sentiment of your story. The only difference between my welcome wagon and yours is that at mine you would have to leave your sandy flip flops at the door and eat barefoot…we keep it casual around here too. I hope your home is filled with love and laughter this fall. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hey Lauren,
    As I’m making my way to the different blogs to check out their tables and/or centerpieces, everyone has great ideas and inspiration, but I think yours might be my favorite! I LOVE the colors and textures that you chose, but more importantly, I love the thoughts you shared. I’m working on my fall decor this weekend and will definitely use your table for inspiration! I’ll also be reminded that it’s more important about whose around the table and who we are sharing a meal with. Thanks for sharing your great ideas and your inspiration…you are always a blessing to me!
    Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you, Mary! It’s funny, those “candle holders” sat in our garage as leftover project materials for months before I ever thought of sticking a candle on top. You just never know what treasures you might find lying around.

    1. Come on over anytime, Sonya! Bring your whole clan. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks so much for organizing everything and inviting me! Hope to do it again sometime.

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