All 21 of Our Room Makeovers of 2021

I know it’s oh-so-totally cliche but FOR REAL where did 2021 go?!

It never completely “clicks” just how many room makeovers and projects we do in a year until we get to the end of December, and I start to tally them all up. The fact that we completed 21 makeovers, DIY projects, and refreshes in 2021 is a total happy coincidental accident, but I’m here for it.

After seeing these befores and afters, I’m not at all surprised how totally wiped out we feel over here. Thank goodness for the snooze fest between Christmas and New Years.

Despite having a big monkey wrench thrown into our plans with the water damage thing, I’m so amazed we knocked out a ton of our 2021 house goals from back in January.

Here are all 21 of them…

1. Kristina’s Quick 1 Day Bedroom Makeover

We knocked out this super fast bedroom makeover for one of our sweet friends who deserved every bit of her own relaxing oasis.

2. Olivia’s “Big Girl” Bedroom Refresh

Since Olivia turned 9 this past year, we transitioned her room to feel a tad more “tween-ish”. It turned out so cute!

3. The Carney Family’s Rec Room Renovation

By far the biggest room makeover we did on our own this year was our neighbors’ rec room for their 9 kids. It was a big challenge making a room work for ages 4 to 19, but filling it with several “stations” and tons of storage made it work!

4. Kristina’s 1 Day Patio Spruce Up

We knocked out another fast makeover at our friend Kristina’s townhouse in the spring with this cute spruced up patio!

5. Our Back Porch Refresh

This back porch has been through a few phases over the years, but the furniture replacement is definitely the BEST phase.

6. Our Gardening Shed Overhaul

Proof that paint and a few wall hooks can work some mighty magic.

7. Our DIY Bocce Ball Court

We host a lot of backyard hangouts, so this was the perfect little addition.

8. Rachel and Daniel’s Nursery Makeover

My sweet cousin and her husband had the most precious baby this year, and I jumped at the chance to decorate a boy nursery! Ahhhh!

9. Our DIY Pergola Cabana

The project that for sure kicked our butts, and honestly, I probably should have gotten a chiropractic appointment right after this one. My dad and brother jumped in to help us build this poolside cabana with us, and it all came together so well.

10. Our DIY Modular Outdoor Kitchen Built in a Day

I cannot wait to use this kitchen a TON once the weather warms up again!

11. Richard and Ashlee’s Bedroom Makeover

Our newlywed friends built a new house this year, so we gifted them a new bedroom to go with it.

12. Regan’s Toddler Bedroom Glow Up

Regan transitioned out of the crib this year, so that merited a “big girl” room with some chinoiserie wallpaper and twin beds so she can have sleepovers with her big sis and cousins in the future.

13. Our Paint Storage Closet Spruce Up

Our freebie but much needed organizing makeover in our garage, we used leftover paint and built some shelves from scrap wood to make our lives a little easier.

14. Our Hallway Bathroom Refresh

I guess this one hardly counts as a makeover, but we did a quick decor swap to make the girls’ bathroom feel a tad more classic.

15. Our Classic Modern Dining Room Makeover

We knocked out an “official” dining room makeover since this room never really had a plan over the years. It turned out so much better than I imagined, and I’m now totally in love with scenic landscape murals.

16. Our Home Gym Shed Renovation

This shed reno was completely in a whim, but we finally have an “official” home gym after doing as many budget-friendly DIYs as possible including ripping out the ceiling and hanging faux brick wall paneling.

17. Our Playroom Refresh

This playroom went through the Olivia / Regan tornado over the years and needed an overhaul. We have plans to finish the rest of the room in 2022.

18. Our Foyer Makeover

After our water damage incident, our foyer had to be ripped down to studs, so we took the opportunity to brighten up the paint and do a little furniture/lighting switcheroo.

19. Our En Suite Bathroom Remodel

If you’d asked me in January 2021 if we’d be doing a total bathroom renovation, I’d have said no way! I thought it’d be a long shot, and even though we had to go through quite a mess to get here, it’s now my absolute favorite room in the house.

20. Our Living Room Spruce Up

We saved up and finally bought the sofas and recliners we’ve always wanted in January 2021 and they arrived a whole 9 months later (because apparently that’s the gestation period for furniture these days). Totally happy with all of it!

21. Our Backyard Overhaul

We did so much work in this backyard this year with top of the list being we replaced the old fence. All of the projects back here came together so well.

Whew! Yeah I might need to hibernate a tad longer to recover from this year. But man it was a good year despite all of its ups and downs.

I’ve been dreaming up several room makeovers we plan to do for a few friends over the course of 2022, but for now, it feels good to step back and feel thankful for how far we’ve come.

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  1. wow you make it look so easy. Beautiful designs. Was that wall paper in the boys room? If was just beautiful and serene.

  2. I love them all, and can hardly wait for the fabulous diy’ and other home designs you will be bringing our way in 2022. Thank you and your family for a memorable 2021.
    HAPPY 2022!