Messy House Tour 2018

If you haven’t been around these parts very long, I make it a tradition in the fall to share our #RealLife messy house tour. One reason being life somehow always gets extra crazy in the fall when school starts back and we’re overrun with a million activities during this season.

And also because I don’t want you to think robots live here when I share our home and its gazillion projects. It’s so easy to look around your every day surroundings and beat yourself up thinking everyone else has their act together except you. Social media is a liar like that.

Spoiler alert:  We’re all just trying to keep our crazy lives together! Yes, including every blogger on the planet who shares their perfectly styled rooms. I promise you, just out of the frame of their camera lenses, they have piles of dishes in the corner too.

This fall, since we’ve added a baby into the mix, life has felt extra chaotic for us. So consider this the 2018 Messy House Tour: Newborn Edition.

I just walked through our house and snapped pictures exactly as it looked in the moment this week. Some rooms are on the tidier side compared to how they look on other days thanks to having Robert home on paternity leave to help me out.

(If you want to see past years’ messy house tours, you can see them here, here, and here.)


We let this entryway fool a lot of people because this is the room we usually keep the most tidy since guests can see it from our front door the second they walk in.

But it’s a very rare day when we don’t have folded laundry sitting on our steps waiting to be carried up to the bedrooms. Because seriously… who washes, dries, folds, and puts away all of their laundry in one day? Not us.

Some days it’s just a few little piles, some days it’s an avalanche. Today happened to be a little pile day. (Mainly because the rest of our laundry is overflowing in hampers… ha!)


Our countertops are styled with the last week’s worth of mail, dirty dishes, and a baby bath seat since Regan’s been getting cleaned up in the kitchen sink lately. Don’t look too closely at the unswept floors. šŸ˜‰

Laundry Room

We don’t have a mudroom, so this space is always our “dumping ground”. The hooks on the wall are usually overflowing with backpacks, hats, and jackets.

The floor pretty much always has a pile of laundry in it. The clothes in the washing machine usually get washed 2-3 times because we forget about it, and the dryer gets fluffed multiple times before actually getting folded thanks to that “snooze” button. Laundry is my nemesis!

Don’t get me started on the chaos in the cabinets. One day maybe I’ll figure out a system… that’s what I tell myself, at least.

Breakfast Room

Our kitchen table always ends up as our “dumping ground” too because, apparently, the laundry room which is 5 feet from it is too far away. šŸ˜‰

Also, notice those empty shipping boxes waiting to be tossed? Amazon Prime is LIFE!

Living Room

I’ve seen this room way worse, honestly. But since we really are living in this room lately on a sporadic baby schedule, pacifiers, empty coffee cups, TV remotes, bottles of gripe water, and burp clothes litter every flat surface in this joint.

We have a pile of diapers hanging out on the floor since there is no way we’re carrying a screaming baby upstairs to her nursery to change every single diaper 20 times a day.

And the play gym and swing in the corner are basically saving our sanity.


We’re SO thankful for this playroom lately since Olivia has been occupying a lot of her time in here after school while I wrangle the colicky little one during her “witching hour”.

Toys are thrown all over this place on the regular.

Olivia’s Bedroom

The cool thing about Olivia’s bed is it is perfect for forts. On the weekends, she and Robert toss blankets across the top as a makeshift tent and stick pillows all around like a giant nest. (That old quilt on the corner belonged to Olivia’s great-great grandfather that she now plays with all the time.)

Olivia’s Bathroom

Honestly, this is pretty tame at the moment right now too. Except naked Barbies are always having a pool party in the tub.

Master Bedroom

Regan has been sleeping in that Rock n Play beside our bed and wakes up every 1.5-2 hours right now. So the last thing on our priority list is a made bed.

The struggle is real, but we’re so thankful for this crazy life with our two wild kiddos. Because we know, one day, these kiddos will be grown and living in houses of their own. The rooms will be clean and all will be quiet, and we’re going to miss this.

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  1. What a hoot. As well thanks for being so honest. If a house is always “picture perfect” no one lives there.

  2. Thank you for keeping it real! I have 6 year old twins! After they leave for school in the morning, my living room looks like a hurricane hit it!

  3. Bless you and your family. This just shows that your home is not just beautiful, it is liveable and well loved. Happy Friday!

  4. Thanks for the shot of reality today! No babies here any more, but stacks of papers, grown daughter’s family laundry (her machine is broken), dishes on the counter and of course unmade bed. Now, mine isn’t as beautifully decorated underneath, but your photos encourage me this raining morning as I’m off to work! Thanks!

    1. We are all in this life together, even if at different sections of the journey. I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.

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