Reality Check: The Messy House Tour

I’m pausing the DIYs and thrifty tips today because I think the time has come…

…for a real talk.

It’s one of those I-love-you-so-I-must-tell-you-the-truth kind of talks.

In the past couple of months, I’ve gotten emails from moms, much like me, who ask, “How do you keep your house so clean and pretty with a three year-old running around?” And then I laugh and laugh and laugh until I’m blue in the face.

Reality Check: The Messy House Tour |

Okay, not really but I do get a good chuckle out of it and set them straight.

I don’t show the mess much because let’s face it…you’d probably stop reading this blog if our typical chaos was in every single post, right?

Reality Check: The Messy House Tour |

My pastor Steven Furtick has this saying, “The reason we struggle with insecurities is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

If you’re an avid DIY/home decor blog lover, you need to know this. We all have the mess behind the camera lens. Maybe some are better at hiding their crazy than others, but it’s there.

Reality Check: The Messy House Tour |

Don’t for a second look around your home that is in dissarray and compare it to the perfect homes you see on Pinterest. They’re. not. reality.

Reality Check: The Messy House Tour |

Pretty much 70-80% of the time our house is not camera-ready. And I’m glad it’s not! How annoying would it be to constantly worry about every single crumb on the floor?

Don’t get me wrong; we do clean. I promise, we’re not animals. But ya know…we take the phrase “make yourself at home” quite literally around here.

Reality Check: The Messy House Tour |

For goodness sake, live in your house. You’re allowed. Make messes, have adventures, wait until tomorrow morning to tackle the dishes in the sink because you deserve a relaxing movie night with your family. And don’t you dare feel guilty about it.

Reality Check: The Messy House Tour |

You. are. enough. And I mean that in everything, not just the house stuff. If I had to choose between a clean, beautifully put together home or one that had love and laughter, I’d pick the love and laughter every time. And well…love is messy in so many ways.

Reality Check: The Messy House Tour |

If you’re wondering if I’ll ever get to the point of explaining some of the things happening in these room shots, here’s what you might have noticed:

  • About our dining room– Yep, it’s getting a mini makeover. We sold the buffet table because it was so ginormous, and I found a replacement French Provincial china cabinet at a flea market that is in the middle of a makeover. More on that later.
  • Our playroom– It’s probably dead last on the list of room makeovers just because our daughter can make a mess in here and we don’t bat an eye. We do clean it, but it doesn’t stay that way for very long. A playroom makeover is definitely a 2016 goal. I’m ready to donate all of the madness!
  • The living room– Olivia’s idea of play is just opening the coffee table top and throwing her toys everywhere. Oh, and then she finds something super exciting like a cardboard box that will entertain her for hours. Makes total sense.
  • The office–  I have some awesome visions to organize this room and do an actual full room design in here. First thing, deal with the craft explosion.
  • The master bedroom–  Confession time: I realized after uploading that photo that my baby blanket is crumpled up right in the middle of the bed. Don’t judge me. 😉

So now the question is… are you going to be thinking about all of the craziness that might be lurking behind the camera lens in my next makeover posts? Just pretend you never saw this and embrace reality. Life’s too short to have a spotless house all the time.



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  1. You grew up with this poem on the wall in our house for a while, whether or not you remember it. I looked it up on the internet but still don’t know who wrote it. I guess this is where you got your philosophy and that’s not a bad thing. Enjoy! Love you

    Excuse This House

    Some houses try to hide the fact
    That children shelter there.
    Ours boasts of it quite openly,
    The signs are every where.

    For smears are on the windows,
    Little smudges on the doors;
    I should apologize I guess
    For toys strewn on the floor.

    But I sat down with the children
    And we played and laughed and read,
    And if the doorbell doesn’t shine,
    Their eyes will shine instead.

    For when at times I’m forced to
    Choose the one job or the other,
    I want to be a housewife . . .
    But first I’ll be a mother.

  2. THANK YOU for showing this!! We all need to know that even the pro’s only show you what you want to see. (I can’t count how many recipes I’ve shot and thought “just don’t look 6″ to the left!”)

    We’ve all got messes and it’s okay! 🙂

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