Messy House Tour 2019: Perspective Makeover

It’s here!!! My favorite post of the year!!! And you wanna know why? Because it is the fastest makeover on the planet. Yeah, a makeover. I said it.

You’re probably sitting there like, “Well, it finally happened. All of that inhaling sawdust and furniture paint has finally done it. Lauren has lost her mind.”

But let me tell you something…

The best, most beautiful makeover in the world isn’t one that requires $100,000 in renovations. It isn’t the kind that you would see on HGTV. It isn’t even the kind that requires you to open a single can of paint.

It’s the perspective kind.

Because if someone were to walk through our front door right now and see this circus that is our house some days (okay, let’s be honest… most days), I know they probably wouldn’t see what I do…

The beauty!

Olivia is now 7 and Regan just turned 1, and last week, Robert went out of town to visit a friend for a few days. So I told myself, “I’m not going to worry about how the house looks or what chores need to be done. I’m just going to stay in #survivalmode and love on my babies all I want.”

And you know what?

Toys ended up everywhere because we were laughing and playing.

Crayons ended up sprawled across every tabletop because imaginations were expanding.

Books were tossed all over the floors because minds were growing.

Dishes were left on countertops because tummies were filled.

Dirty laundry was overflowing out of hampers because memories were made out in the sunshine.

And y’all… there is nothing more beautiful than a lived in house with happy people dwelling in it.

Don’t get me wrong… the tantrums happen. The “mommy just needs 2 minutes to chill” happens. The “put your shoes on” phrase being repeated 8 times each morning is the norm (not usually including the word “please” in a sing-songy Mary Poppins voice, admittedly).

But one day, around 20 years from now, I’m going to miss it. The older I get, the faster time seems to slip by.

And while in the thick of this chaos, the anxiety can sometimes creep it, but I’m also SO thankful for all of this. Because there are days when it’s easy to take for granted.

If your house is “messy”, if your house feels like a “circus” most days, also know that it’s those messes and that chaos that make your house a home. Embrace it, mama. Every loud, dirt-covered second of it.

You’re gonna miss this. Even if it doesn’t feel like you will.

When Robert walked in the door from his trip on Saturday, all of us crashed on the couch for a nap, surrounded by the mess… that beautiful, beautiful mess.

Big BIG hugs, love. You’ve got this. And if you feel brave enough, share your own “messy house” using the hashtag #BlesserHotMess on Facebook & Instagram to keep the conversation going to embrace life over perfection.

If you want to see our past messy house tours, you can see them all here.

“By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” Proverbs 24: 3-4

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  1. Thank you for this! It’s hard being a full-time working mother of three children under the age of 8 to keep my house looking the way I’d like it. It’s always scattered with toys, Poke-mon cards, dress up clothes, Lego creations, etc. And not just in the dedicated playroom – it’s all over the house. When I scroll through all the décor blogs, I don’t know how any blogger with young children can possibly pull off those perfect looks all the time. Even though I know it’s unrealistic, it still gets me down. I appreciate you being honest – this is life with young children and we are all right to enjoy it while it lasts!

    1. No, you are not losing it! My kids are 20 and 23 and I still have several of their childhood toys and lots of their books. There is somethIng magical about those special books that were their favorites and that were read over and over at bedtime, and childrens books remind me of simpler times before the internet and social media took over our world. Besides, maybe we will have grand babies someday to love on and share those toys and books with❤️

      1. Vicki I am looking forward to that day when I can sit down and re-read all those childhood books to the grandbabies. <3